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Today I’m continuing the idea with how to fix your posture. Having good posture has so many benefits- and makes you look more attractive! How can you get better posture? 

Step One: Strengthen your back muscles

Having strong back muscles will make it much easier to hold good posture. These are called postural muscles which stabilize the body and prevent spinal wear. Here are some back muscle routines you can try to help build strength. 

Step Two: Do stretches for your back

Stretches are great for a number of reasons, but when it comes to your back, they lengthen and stretch the spine and release tension in the back, shoulders, and neck. Here are some videos to help: 

Yoga with Adriene has sooooo many back videos, I highly recommend checking out her stuff! She has videos for the upper back, lower back, mid back, neck, shoulders, spine, and balance. 

Step Three: Sit up straight

Of course, having good posture means sitting up straight. But what I want to clarify is that simply by actively sitting up straight your posture will improve. You are working your muscles by that simple act. Here are some tips I use to help me sit up straight: 

  • Scoot back in your seat so that your back is against the chair. This will align your body and provide support.
  • If you have back pain or feel unsupported, stick a pillow or two behind your back. 
  • Put your computer at eye level so you aren’t straining your neck- try using books or a laptop stand. 
  • Take frequent breaks to prevent stiffness. Stretch every hour and move around. 
  • Keep your feet touching the ground. Don’t sit in an awkward position where your feet are up on the chair as this causes hunching and rounds your neck and spine.

Step Four: Stand up straight

Yep, if we’re talking about posture you can’t ignore standing up straight. Here’s how to do this.

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart, balance evenly distributed between them. Your weight shouldn’t shift from one leg to the other.
  • Lift up your chest and pull back your shoulders. You want to avoid rounding your shoulders inwards which creates hunching and a curved back.
  • Imagine your spine is a long straight ruler extending from your tailbone all the way to the base of your skull. Try to maintain alignment
  • Straighten from your glutes, tummy, and head. They should be in one line. Pull in your abs to maintain alignment and support the back. 
  • Don’t push out your tummy and bend your back forwards. When you stand, keep your abs engaged and pressed inwards. This makes you look taller and also prevent slouching when you stand. 

Step Five: Strengthen your abs

I talked a lot about abs in the previous step, but to reemphasize that, the back and abs are very interconnected. It’s important to have a strong core alongside a strong back. Here are some helpful videos:

Step Six: Take a break from electronics 

Taking breaks from TV, your computer, and your phone will make a huge difference. I notice that when people are on their phones most people hunch over their devices with their neck pulled down, almost at a ninety degree angle. This is terrible for your posture! Taking electronic breaks will help cut down on poor posture.

Step Seven: Take your time 

Finally, good posture doesn’t come over night. You need to work for it! With time, I know you can do it! Here are a few more videos that might help you out! 

If you want to stop slouching… 

If you want to help back pain and feel better…

If you want to stretch out your back…

If you want to look taller… 

If you want to fix text neck…

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