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Life can be so chaotic, that catching up with your girlfriends can take a bit of a backseat. Whilst there is nothing better than those times where you all get together, you also have conflicting schedules, and sometimes it can take months before you manage to get all of the girls in one place. This is why it’s so important to get it right, and you don’t want to end up in a boring bar, where the vibe isn’t quite you. We’ve put together some simple tips, so that you can organize the best girls night ever, and look forward to the next one for weeks to come…

Choose a good venue

Sometimes, the venue(s) of your girls night can make or break it, and if you’re in a bar that doesn’t quite do it for you, it can put a dampener on your party mood. Trying somewhere new is always a good idea, but make sure that you check the reviews online, and check out some photos of the place, too. This is all pretty easy to do by just typing the name and location into Google, and you’ll be glad that you did it when you avoid that place where someone found a hair in their food, and the barmaid looked at you like you were the worst, just because you asked her for something other than a beer. Not cool.

In or out?

When it comes to a girls night, there is something to be said for staying in sometimes. Not only is it better for those girls on a budget, but it also means that you can cook up your favorite food, watch those chick flicks that you just love, and sit around in an environment that is comfortable for you all. Oh, and you can wear your lounging clothes, so goodbye, heels! Going out is great sometimes, but when you’re planning your girls night, think about the vibe that you’re going for. There’s nothing wrong with checking out where you can buy red wine online, getting out your best pyjamas, and eating a lot of food with your girls.

Pick out some delicious food

Look, you can look fabulous, find the perfect bar, and do everything right, but if you get the food wrong, you’ve got an issue. The first port of call for any great girls night is a delicious restaurant (or one of your kitchens) and it will set the mood for the rest of your night. Having dinner together is a perfect way to catch up with each other, and there’s no better way to get back up to date than over something tasty. Again, looking at reviews for restaurants is a good idea, but if you know that your girlfriends have a favorite restaurant, then you should go there. You can’t go wrong with an old classic.

Get your decor on point

If you’re planning on having your girls night at home, getting the decor right is key. We’re not saying that you have to redecorate your entire living room (and come on, your girls have seen your place enough times before) but there are a few little touches that you can add to really make your night great. For example, adding fairy lights around your shelves or your TV will look great, or you can put them into jars to add a little bit of a unique feel. You can also add some candles, and some fluffy throws, to really make your night in as comfortable as you possibly can, so that you all have a great time.

Bring out the throwbacks

When you haven’t seen your girlfriends for a while, they come over and you feel like you saw each other yesterday. No matter how long it’s been, your memories are what makes your friendship so strong, and you and your girls probably go way back. Why not surprise your girlfriends, then, and get out some old photographs so that you can all reminisce (and laugh at how you all used to dress…)? There is nothing that quite gets everyone laughing like remembering all of the silly things you’ve done together, and that time that your friend tripped over and fell into a bush at a party, in front of that guy that she had a crush on.

So, if you want to have the best girls night ever, why not try out these simple tips? Sometimes, old habits die hard, and it’s better to go for what you all know and love, but trying out new bars and restaurants can also be a good idea. Whatever you decide to do with your girlfriends, have fun, and enjoy the precious time that you get to spend together!

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