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Now that the winter is coming to an end and spring is around the corner, it is likely time for a lot of us to get back into a healthy routine and get fit for the summer. There are lots of little ways we can be a little more mindful about our body and mind in the new year, and here are just some of the things you can do.


Stomp out bad habits


During the winter we tend to pick up a lot of bad habits and these can build up to a point where they are overtaking our life in the new year. We tend to stay in the house more during the winter, move less and eat more, and these are all things we need to change in the spring. If you have any other bad habits such as drinking and smoking you might want to take this time to also visit a drug rehab or use some simple techniques to cut down and quit for a healthier you.


Eat more fruit


Fruit is one of the healthiest types of food we can eat day to day and ideally we want to be eating at least 5 portions every single day. However even if you can’t quite manage 5 portions, you still want to try and bring some fruit into your diet. You can add fruit to cereal and yogurt in the morning, use it as a midday snack, or have it with ice cream for your dessert after dinner. Bringing more fruit into your day is a great thing.


Take vitamins


Vitamins can be a brilliant thing for the body and our body needs a whole host of them to function in the best way. It needs vitamin A for our eyesight, vitamin B for our hair and nails, and vitamin C for our skin. There is a whole range of vitamins which benefit our body in different ways and this is something we need to add to our diets as much as we can. Even if you only take a tablet each day, this can make a huge impact on your health.


Get out and move


Walking, running, playing football, swimming… all of these things are great activities for us to do for our health and they will allow us to stay fit and work off day every day. It is super important for us to take the time to move and exercise because it keeps the heart healthy and our muscles strong. Even if you only head out once a week for a hike or you take a small stroll on your lunch break, it is the ideal thing to do and exactly what you need to stay healthy.




At the end of the working day it is important to give yourself some time to relax and refresh. We all need to break now and again and relaxing will allow your body and mind to stay healthy and happy all year long.

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