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How to Prioritize Yourself as an Individual During Pregnancy

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Choosing to focus on your own needs may be a bit of a paradigm shift from the usual pregnancy discussion, but the individual with their own wants, needs, and personality didn’t just disappear when you became pregnant. By taking the time to invest in yourself, you can make these next few months far less exhausting and vastly more rewarding.

Practice Wellness Techniques

One of the best ways to prioritize yourself as an individual during pregnancy is to focus on self-care. Moments of meditation and inner reflection are opportunities to remind yourself about your own needs and then respond to them. Sometimes, what you need might be a quick cold shower to help you be more alert or a long day of pampering to ease the stress of pregnancy.

By taking on new wellness techniques, you can better explore how your body and mind are handling this new experience and take care of yourself accordingly. The important thing is to try to discover what you as an individual need to feel better in that exact moment, and wellness techniques like grounding, journaling, and deep breathing are a great way to achieve this.

Continue the Hobbies You Love

As the weeks pass, you can find yourself spending more and more time researching, studying, and prepping for your baby. Getting ready to give birth can be so absorbing that you forget to keep up with all the other things that you love, creating a recipe for research burnout.

Set aside time for the hobbies and activities that were a part of you before you became pregnant. Try to keep in touch with the friends who add value to your life. Do your best not to abandon the activities you know will make you feel better overall.

Stand Up for Your Needs

It can be a lot easier to avoid conflict and step down when those with more experience raising kids are telling you that you’re making the wrong choices. While it’s important to be open to learning from others, it’s equally important to stand up for yourself. If you know that you need something or want something to happen a certain way, speak up. You’re more than just someone about to have a baby. You’re allowed to still have opinions and defend what you know is right for yourself, your baby, and your family.

Learning how to prioritize yourself as an individual during pregnancy, especially in the early months, will help you find a lot of confidence for planning your baby’s birth. By keeping in mind that you are your own person, not just a pregnant mom, and making sure that your loved ones understand that, you’ll be better equipped to take the lead and vocalize the birth experience you want to have. You’ll also set yourself up for a more positive experience as a mother, where you remember to value your own needs alongside your family’s.

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