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Moving Out Alone: What To Look For In A First Place

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Moving out alone, standing on your own two feet, living independently – it’s one of the biggest milestones in any adult’s life. But it’s rarely a decision you can make overnight!

Finding a good place to move into takes a bit of time and effort, and many ‘potential’ properties on the market just aren’t worth your time or money, whether you’re buying or renting

So, how can you find a good place to live when it’s your first time branching out alone? Don’t worry, we’ve got the experience for you; check out our tips down below. 

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A Central Location

The first point, and possibly the most important one! You have to be close to civilization. You don’t have to be downtown specifically, but you do need to be near your place of work, and even close to family and friends you like seeing on a daily basis. For any property that doesn’t quite fit this definition, cross it off the list. 

The Ability to Expand

Who knows what the future holds? Maybe someone you love will want to move in? Maybe you’d like to get a pet and will need a bigger space for them to run around? Filling a home with pet dander is what many people living alone do! 

Or maybe you’ll even decide to even start a family of your own? Because of all these potential outcomes, looking into an apartment with 2 bedrooms could be far better for you and your future plans than buying/renting a tiny and restrictive one-bedroom place. 

A Comfortable Bathroom

This is mostly for the sake of those looking to rent, as it’s a sign of how happy you’ll be living alone in a place you can’t really change. So, while the bathroom can be decorated to your liking, is it already orientated well? Even if it’s small, does it feel like a good space? 

Indeed, does the toilet seem comfortable and private, with the bath and/or shower well tiled, covered, and ventilated? Ask these questions before you sign a lease or hand over any money. A comfortable, relaxing bathroom is what every first solo tenant needs! 

Some Good Storage Potential

Finally, make sure you’ve got room to put things away! You can only shove so many bookshelves into a space, and there will only be a few cabinets in the kitchen. 

If you’re buying, you may want to renovate for more storage in the future, such as adding on an extension or renovating the loft/basement for more use. Look for signs that this will be easy, such as plenty of external space, good structural integrity, and easy access to either of the rooms mentioned.

If you’re about to move out alone for the first time, make sure you’re aware of the unique risks posed. You don’t need to secure your dream home here, but if you don’t find the right place you’re probably going to regret your choice to stand on your own two feet! 

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