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Tips on Becoming More Experimental in the Kitchen

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Cooking is something that is necessary. It can become tiresome, and to cook good meals, it can be time-consuming, which means it can be quite difficult to cook good wholesome meals when you are tired after a bust day at work. To stop home cooking fee,ign like a chore, you need to inject a bit of creativity into it. If you can find more fun in the cooking experience, then you are more likely to do it, and that means healthier meals for you and your family. Maybe you used to love cooking and have lost that good feeling; maybe you never had it to begging with; becoming more experimental in the kitchen and seeing it as a time to have some fun will help you ignite that passion. Let’s discover a few ways you can do that:


Focus on the Kitchen

First of all, you need a space to do some cooking. If your kitchen does not fill you with enthusiasm and you would rather not be in there, then you need to focus on making it a much more accommodating space. One way to do this is an entire refurbishment. If you have the funds for this, then great; if not, then you may need to be a little more creative. You need to have all your cooking utensils easily at hand, so you may need to buy some hook and hand saucepans and other utensils close to the stove and chopping boards. You need to up the atmosphere too, how about new lighting, like installing downlights and having some music in the kitchen, a radio is good enough if you can’t install a speaker and music system, etc. How about putting up some pictures, changing the splashback to something jazzier, a few loathing shelves with some ornaments and plants, etc.? The world is your oyster. Getting creative with the decor may help u get creative with the cooking.  

Get Spicy

Spice is the variety of life, or something like that! There is no need to stick to the standard shop-bought spices; you can and should start experimenting with herbs and spices. You really do not know what’s out there until you have started trying them all and mixing and matching. All you have to do is create some wonderful spice potions of your own and marinade some chicken or put it into your very own pasta sauce. The more you experiment with spices, the more you will discover. You are likely to explore new foods as a result of your new-found passion for spice, which can make mealtime a lot more fun too.   

Try Out Different Recipes

There are many reasons why you should get a few good recipe books and start making lots of different things. First, it obviously allows you to try out new flavors and cuisines, helping you expand your palette. It is also a great way to learn more about coking. You may not know how to cook some strange and exotic vegetable and the best meats to go alongside it, or how to soak it in wine or whatever culinary tricks of the trade are out there. It is also a way of helping you hone your tastes and how to cook your favorite dishes better. Why not buy a few cooking books, go to the library and borrow some really old ones, or take a look online? Try out different sorts of things, too, not just meals. Mixing your cooking experience with cookies, cakes, or cornbread pudding will help you break the mold and regain that sparkle for cooking. It is also a good idea to introduce the kids to cooking with these more fun recipes. 

Get Growing

Another fun aspect of cooking is the fact that you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, herbs, and spices. You can get a little chili tree and keep it on your windowsill, for example. If you have a large garden, you could try planting things like potatoes and carrots. Harvesting these will be fun, especially with children. If you have a small garden, then you could try vertical gardening, where you use apparatus like palettes to create a garden that is up against a wall. Doing this will make the cooking process a lot sweeter as you know that these ingredients you are using are the fruits of your labor, and these are free from pesticides and other nasties that commercial farms use these days. It is another great educational tool to help the kids learn about food too.   

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