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Must-Know Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

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Your first apartment is probably not the sprawling, finely decorated space you always wanted. But we all have to start somewhere! Small apartments may lack space, but that doesn’t mean they have to be drab or boring. If you’re moving to a new, small space or want to spruce up your apartment, make sure you know these must-know decorating tips for small apartments.

Go Vertical Instead of Horizontal

In small apartments where floor space is at a premium, capitalize on the vertical space you have. Consider tall bookshelves and tall wall shelves for storage. Even if you’re incredibly efficient with your storage space and floor layout, room will disappear quickly. Plus, going vertical minimizes clutter, makes your apartment feel bigger, and allows you to show off your art and memorabilia!

Brighten Things Up

Small apartments are usually boxy and monotone, so adding soft and bright colors can make the space feel warmer, lighter, and roomier. A more delicate color palette that emphasizes whites, pastels, muted colors, and natural light, when possible, can open your space up. You can design a small and cramped bathroom with a soft palette to make the room feel spacious. If you’re not into pretty pastels, whites and off-whites can still do the trick of livening up the space to make it feel bigger.

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

The theme throughout these tips is that space is at a premium in a small apartment, so maximize every inch you can with multi-functional furniture. Consider a coffee table that includes storage space or a futon, so you have an extra bed for guests. If you work at home, a foldable desk you can put away and out of sight is convenient and helps you shift out of work mode.

Delineate Separate Areas

Try to create an open space to keep things from feeling cramped. But within that open space, you’ll want to distinguish your areas carefully. Make your space feel like multiple rooms with an entryway, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, home office, and living space. Give each corner of space a specific purpose, so it doesn’t feel like you’re always in the same room, and it helps keep things organized and separate.

Decorating for a small apartment can be a challenge, but it’s a fun challenge! It forces you to focus on every inch of space available to create a coherent design that makes the room feel larger than it is. Now that you’re familiar with the must-know decorating tips for small apartments, go out and decorate your own space and see what works for you!

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