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Signs that your Child is Struggling in School

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Do you feel as though your child is struggling in school? Maybe you feel as though they are having a hard time with their lessons but you have no idea why. Either way, this guide will help you to uncover the reason why as well as helping you to give them the support that they truly need.

They Refuse to Discuss School

If your child is suddenly telling you that they don’t want to discuss school or that they aren’t telling you how their day went then this can be a red flag. This indicates that something isn’t right at school and this is especially the case if they were once open to talking about it. It is essential to know and respect the boundaries for your child and to also make sure that you don’t push them. If you do then you may find that you end up making them shut down even more and this is the last thing you need. It’s also a good idea for you to look over your child’s school assignments as this will help you to keep yourself in the loop while getting some idea of how they are performing or interacting.

Changes in Attitude

If your child once had a very positive attitude toward school but since then they have become somewhat distant or angry about it then this is a strong indicator that something has to change. It may be that they are having a hard time with their studies or that they are having some relationship issues. Another thing to look out for is boredom. If your child is bored then this could be that they are not being challenged at school, or that they simply don’t understand the work and therefore can’t engage with it.If you want to support them with more resources then be sure to check out this

Physical Symptoms

It doesn’t matter whether your child is having problems sleeping or whether they are experiencing a change in their eating patterns because physical symptoms indicate that they are having a hard time at school. It’s very common for younger children to say that they have a headache or stomach ache when they feel stressed because children do not have the understanding of emotions to describe them properly.

Spending a Lot of Time on Homework

If your child is in the pattern of having no spare time out of school because they’re spending all of their time on homework then this can be a sign of them struggling. Your child should be spending 10 minutes per grade level when doing their homework. If your child is doing more than this then this is a huge indicator that they are having a hard time. Homework policies tend to vary quite a lot, especially among teachers and schools. For this reason, it is imperative to know that some teachers give out more and others give less. Make sure that you are familiar with things such as this so you can help your child.

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