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Nobody walks down the aisle believing that they are going to divorce one day. When you go through a relationship with somebody and then you end up accepting a proposal and then planning a wedding, it doesn’t ever cross your mind that divorce would one day be a word that you are writing down on paper because you need to then go and find a divorce lawyer. The person that you marry is not the same person that you divorce, and often divorces can be fairly bitter because your feelings towards one another have changed. 

No marriage is perfect and there is no expectation for it to be perfect, because marriage is made of two imperfect people just trying to see life through together. The thing is, the bond that you share and you maintain while you go through your ups and downs is what is supposed to be the strongest, but if that bond is causing you to look for reasons to file divorce papers, then you really need to consider if your marriage is stable enough anyway. If you are nervous about the way your marriage and your relationship is going, then you need to consider what it would mean to file for divorce. There is a big difference between a dying marriage and a dead marriage, and often that difference is therapy. If you are worried about your marriage, here are some signs that it’s dying out.

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  • Intimacy is disappearing. While sex may not be an important part of a marriage for some people, intimacy is a very important part. It’s that tactile touching and hugging, and being close together. It’s playing like kids and wrestling together, and it’s seeing the world through together while giggling along the way. If sex is absent, that connection that you currently share or that you want to share may be suffering.
  • Bickering. It’s a horrible word, bickering, but that squabble that you constantly have is like scratching an itch down to the bone. The more you scratch, the more it hurts. Bickering is never good for anybody, but if it’s not something that you are able to overcome, therapy could help you here. Bickering in that regard can be unhealthy in your marriage, and you both deserve better than that. Working on it together is going to help you to overcome the whole thing.
  • You are burying your head in the sand over joint problems. Ignoring any problems, whether it’s something as serious as addiction or something as minor as not putting laundry in the laundry basket, is going to come to a head eventually. The last thing that you need is for those problems to blow up, so you need to stop ignoring them and find a way that leads to real solutions. You have to work towards those solutions together. If you’re not willing to do that, then the chances of you getting a divorce are much higher.
  • You are currently living separate lives. You deserve the best you could possibly have, and when you commit yourself to somebody it’s with the idea that you are going to face everything together. Living separate lives doesn’t really align with that idea.
  • Meanwhile, it can be useful to consider your options if your best efforts are doing little to save your marriage or relationship. As a woman, you may engage family law support services for women to ensure your interests and rights are protected during the separation process. These lawyers understand the specific issues that women often encounter, such as child custody, spousal support, and domestic violence concerns. They can advocate for fair resolutions to make the process easier for you.

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