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Tips for Making Your Living Room Feel Cozier

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The center of any home is the living room. Whether you live alone or have a family, you can use these tips for making your living room feel cozier. In fact, you might make your room look so comfortable that you won’t ever want to leave!

Use Up Wall Space

Blank walls that have nothing on them are dull. You should jazz up those spaces with personal photos of you and your friends and family. Choose wall art that speaks to you or a tapestry that ties in the room’s colors. Filling up space on walls balances the room out and gives it life.

Bookshelves and Books

A fast way to turn your living room into a cozy cave is to add bookshelves or a single stack of books. When you think cozy, do you also imagine lounging in a throw blanket with a good book in your lap? Reading a fantastic book adds a lot of coziness to your life since it’s a relaxing activity.

Not all spaces have enough room for a large bookshelf. Use our decorating tips for small apartments to fix this issue or leave room on a coffee table for a small stack of books you’re currently reading.

Accent Pillows and Throws

A plain couch with no blankets or pillows is uninviting and monotonous. However, if the sofa or chair has throw blankets, it screams, “Come cuddle up on me,” and you won’t be able to resist. Easily the coziest elements are ones that keep you warm and comfortable.

Green accents in the interior

Fireplace and Mantel Décor

Warm up the living room with a crackling fire in the fireplace. You can choose between gas, wood, pellet, or electric fireplaces. If you decide to incorporate a fireplace into your room, you should learn how to properly service gas fireplaces and any other type that requires a chimney and flue.

Fireplaces literally warm up the room. Furthermore, the view and sound of the pops and crackles of the fire make you feel as snug as a bug! Don’t forget to spice up the mantel with additional décor pieces.

Mood Lighting

This tip for making your living room feel cozier is all about setting the mood. We find that dimmable lights help create a perfect atmosphere. You can adjust the color or intensity of the light with special bulbs to match any mood you prefer.

Making your living room cozy can make it hard to leave because it’s so pleasant. It’s important to make your family room feel comfortable because everyone spends most of their time there. Plus, returning home from a stressful workday to a cozy living room is exceedingly satisfying.

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