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If you’re currently in your thirties, chances are that you’ve learned the ropes of skincare and find it relatively easy to maintain. But if you don’t know what’s in store for the next decade, it’s time to take some notes.

Keeping your skin healthy can be quite a challenge when you reach your 30s because hormonal changes make the natural oil production drop dramatically which causes dryness, wrinkles, and pigmentation on the skin. If that wasn’t enough there is also an increase in irregularities on the surface of your epidermis which makes it vulnerable to bacteria growth.

The changes in your body not only mean that the skin’s condition will depend on how consistent you are with your skincare routine, but also on what foods you eat, whether you burn or store fat, and what alcohol you drink. Another important factor that will affect the state of your skin is an exercise which is important for keeping muscles toned and supple.

As for the skin on your face, it becomes thinner at this time as well as the neck which makes it vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles. Your natural oil production also decreases which may also lead to dryness around the lips, the nose, and the eyelids.

Many women and even men experience puffy eyes either due to insomnia or sleep deprivation during their 30s, especially with kids. In this decade, you may notice that the skin around the eyes gets thinner which causes dark circles and puffiness. This is due to hormonal changes and lack of sleep because the entire body needs rest to regenerate cells naturally. Your brain also needs rest because it can produce toxins when it doesn’t get enough sleep. Puffiness around the eyes will be reduced by getting a good night’s sleep and a healthy diet which can help reduce puffiness from forming.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, I want to go over the essentials of skincare in your 30s!

Here are some tips:

1. Eye Cream is your new BFF

The area around your eyes is the most sensitive, get yourself a good and well-formulated eye cream, apply it to the orbital bone around your eyes at least once a day (twice is best!). Be gentle, and an extra perk is if you find an eye cream with retinol.

2. Don’t Forget Your Neck

Yep! Our neck and décolletage are super important to take care of! They’re extremely delicate areas that are dead giveaways when it comes to showing signs of aging. So, remember to drag down those products into your neck.

Woman massaging neck with roller

3. Retinol

Retinol is a skincare hero and your most faithful friend in your thirties! When you apply retinol topically, it increases your cell turnover, stimulates collagen and elastin production and it also helps your skin look firmer and younger.

4. Sleep

Most of us have young kids in our 30’s, which makes it a challenge to get some Zzzs, but to put in simple words, your body produces collagen and goes into repair mode while you snooze, so quality sleep is essential to maintain a youthful glow.

5. Get committed to SPF

In your thirties, it’s essential to wear SPF on a daily basis and yes, that includes days where the sun isn’t shining at all!

One of my favorite everyday SPF Moisturizer is the Cerave Moisturizing Lotion

6. Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

You have to work from the inside out, it is super important to understand that your body depends on the nutrition you give it. Foods like kale, berries, and spinach are a must to ensure you stay healthy and glowing, and also water…and lots of it!

Now that we have gone over some of the essential tips for skincare in your 30’s start implementing them, your 40-year-old self will thank you later.

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