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Ways To Cope When Your Haircut Is Too Short

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Sometimes what we tell the stylist and receive are two different things. It’s easy to keep trimming until it’s right, but you can’t add it back on when the haircut is too short. When you realize your haircut didn’t pan out, the panic that ensues can drag you down a dark hole. But there are a few ways to cope with a haircut that’s too short that can help make living with this mistake a little easier.

Embrace the Change

Unfortunately, not every fix is immediate or accessible for some. So the first step in dealing with a haircut that’s too short is embracing the change. This is easier said than done, but accepting it can help bring you closer to the reality of the situation.


If you’re still not settled after embracing the change, adding hair back in through extensions is an easy fix. There are a variety of extensions available, but sew-in extensions are durable and may last long enough to help you get through this phase with your natural hair.


Sometimes we don’t enjoy the new style because it needs additional support. Supplements can improve overall hair health and increase the growth rate. This isn’t an overnight solution, but it can restore your hair’s vitality and help you embrace the change with more ease.

A few excellent supplements to support hair health include:

  • Collagen
  • Biotin
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Iron

Hair Products

A significant reason your hair may be lacking when taking on change is due to the products you use. Ensure they contain clean ingredients suitable for your hair type. Read the listed ingredients on the back of the bottle to know if it’s good or bad.

You could also add supplements to your shampoo to enhance its nutritional properties. Things like aloe vera and coconut milk contain necessary minerals for hair health.

Nutrition Changes

One of the best ways to cope with a haircut that’s too short is to make nutrition changes. The way you eat will often reflect your outward appearance. If you start eating more nutritionally dense foods, your hair will show new signs of life and vitality. This could be vital in helping you embrace the change.

Naturally, you may panic at first sight of a haircut gone wrong. But it’s essential to remember that your hair will grow back. Consider some of these solutions when you need to cope.

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