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I remember the days when my hair used to take an hour to an hour and a half to blow dry, until a bit of trail and error and I came up with this technique, I now am able to dry and iron my hair in 10 minutes. Which in my hectic lifestyle is a beautiful thing; Remember if your hair is thicker or longer it may take a couple minutes more, but it still beats 1hr/1.5hr.


Step By Step:

Make sure you are using a heat protecting spray or serum mine is from Silk Elements

After prepping your hair and getting rid of knots, you are going to part your first big section and clip the rest of the hair out of the way.

After you part your first big section, you will part this section into two smaller sections then go ahead and blow dry each individually.

Once you have blow dried those two smaller sections, you are going to bring down the clipped hair and part the second Big section measure from your eyebrows back and then clip the rest of the hair up.

This big section will be cut into 3-4 sections, in the video I do only three sections, but my hair isn’t that thick, so for thicker hair, I recommend 4 sections.

After blow drying this section, the last big section is what is left at the crown of your head and this will be also in 3 sections; the sides and top.

I have bangs so I have an extra step.

Make sure you reapply the spray; remember a little goes a long way.

For Ironing its the same as the blow drying technique. (Make sure your iron is amazing, mine is from Remington.) The quality of your tools will always make the outcome so much  better!

And your done!
If you try this and love it let me know in the comments section.

Song in the Video:
Leowi – Right Away

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