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If you believe that small businesses should not conform and stay in their lane, you believe in the global brand philosophy. Large brands wanted to become who they are once upon a time when they were little. They didn’t wait until they were, they just behaved like they belonged shoulder to shoulder with the bigger brands. So it goes to show, how you behave like a small business, which will most likely provide you with an accurate trajectory of where you will be in a few year’s time. There are some things that can help you behave like a large brand right now. Small businesses do not have to wait until they have a global reach before they behave like a global brand.

Receive virtual mail

You’ve probably thought about your location and office. If you are a small business you might be working from home, in your home office. You might also be working in a shared office, or perhaps just out of a small rented office. You could also be sharing a floor in a commercial office building. If you want to project a corporate image that resonates globally, use a where your mail can be sent. Any kind of documentation such as contracts, regulator certificates, and awards can be received by the team, who will store all your mail online on their servers. This also means you have protection from hackers, power cuts, and natural disasters.

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Empower your brand

Empowerment is a word that is thrown around a lot. But what do we actually mean by it? We mean that we place power in something, or we give authority to someone. Empowering your brand means you fully believe in it, you invest time, money, and effort into it. You behave as if it’s an important thing not just professionally, but personally. You can always tell when a brand is being empowered because the energy filters down from the top. Brands that empower their employees, empower the customer. They care about mental health, making sure everyone has a fair input into the tasks and projects. And they encourage feedback and criticism from customers. 

Hire globally

Some small businesses can’t break out of the local mindset because they don’t see the world in a different way. Hiring talent from around the globe can break this view. It can introduce people that totally change the dynamic of your teams, departments and philosophies that run through your business. It’s quite common to find that hiring from around the world means you are introduced to different ideas, giving you a richer list of options to choose from when designing new products, services and or approach to marketing. 

These things will support any small business to begin to think and then act like a global brand. They do take time and investment, but they bring in so much more than they take out. Which of these three will you try first?

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