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5 Items To Make Camping More Luxurious

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While some people are happy ‘roughing it’ when camping, many of us miss our home comforts. By taking a few of these handy items with you next time you go camping, you could make your next camping experience a little more luxurious and a lot more enjoyable.

An airbed

Even with a roll mat, sleeping on the ground can be uncomfortable. An airbed could give you the feeling of sleeping on a mattress, helping to make your night’s sleep a lot more cozy. When deflated, air beds take up very little room making them a lot easier to pack than an actual mattress. By investing in a good quality airbed, you can ensure that it will stay inflated throughout the night. It’s worth also packing an electric pump or a foot pump to take the effort out of inflating the mattress. Feel free to also pack your own sheets and blankets instead of using a sleeping bag on top. 

An inflatable sofa

Why stop at an inflatable mattress? An inflatable sofa could make sitting outdoors a lot cozier. There are many waterproof options that are perfect for camping. Just be careful in windy weather – you don’t want your inflatable sofa to blow away! You should also keep the sofa a suitable distance away from any campfires – inflatables and fires are not a good mix. 

A portable grill

A portable grill could allow you to cook up a tasty breakfast in the morning or a tasty barbeque dinner in the evening. This is a certain way to bring some luxury to your camping experience. Check this link right here now to see some of the portable grill options on the market. A gas or electric grill is likely to be a lot more convenient than a charcoal one, but such grills are pricier. On top of a grill, you’ll want to invest in some camping pots and pans, as well as a camping kettle for making tea and coffee.

A cooler

Taking a cooler with you could allow you to refrigerate items like milk and meats. It’s worth splashing out on a high quality cooler that will keep your food cooler longer. There are lots of these coolers on the market – do your research to find one that has good reviews and isn’t too expensive. Try to keep your cooler somewhere shady to ensure that its contents stay cold. Bringing ice packs will help to improve cooling. 

A solar generator

Portable solar generators allow you to generate your own electricity on the move. This could be useful if you want to charge up devices while camping. Some of the more expensive generators are powerful enough to hook up a camper van to, while more basic solar panels may be suitable to charging up a single phone. Consider just how much power you are likely to need while camping. Be wary that certain camping items such as lights and portable showers may come with their own solar generator. 

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