5 Places You Forget To Apply Sunscreen

5 Places You Forget To Apply Sunscreen

The hottest month of the year is right around the corner! That means we need to start up our sun protection game now. Did you know there are five common places we all forget to apply our sunscreen? Follow along with our guide to never forget the secret sunscreen placements!

Upper Hairline

The first area we will be exploring is the upper hairline.

  • When we rock updo hairstyles, our upper hairlines become exposed to UV sun rays.
  • By placing sunscreen on the upper hairline, we can protect the scalp from sun damage and unnecessary sunburn.

Lower Eyelids

Next, let’s talk about our lower eyelids.

  • We tend to forget about our lower eyelids when we place sunscreen on our cheeks.
  • Applying sunscreen on the lower eyelids can reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark undereye circles!
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Top of Ears

Now, let’s focus on our ears.

  • With our hair up, the top of our ears also become open to UV ray damage.
  • Apply small dots of sunscreen to your ears before starting your day!

Crease of Nose

The creases of the nose are also commonly missed sunscreen areas.

  • Placing sunscreen on the corners of our noses can decrease the risk of sunburn.
  • Sunscreen can also moisturize and hydrate the nose and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

Corners of the Eyes

And last but not least, let’s mention the corners of our eyes!

  • Along with our favorite shimmery eyeshadow, we should start placing small amounts of sunscreen on the inner corners of our eyes.
  • This delicate area can benefit from sun protection, as sunscreen will minimize wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

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