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Preparing to get married involves lots of different considerations. You’ll have plenty to plan from the theme to the dress and the wedding catering. Sometimes what you need is a bit of inspiration. Here are five ways that you can get lots of awesome wedding ideas.

1 . Listen to podcasts

If you’re looking for wedding inspiration there are plenty of cool podcasts which you can check out. To get a few starting point ideas, try these:


The Bridechilla podcast was created to help you ditch the wedding planning stress, and create the wedding of your dreams. The show is well known as the number one podcast for wedding planning! Episodes explore topics such as ‘Wedding Plan Q & A’, ‘Overcoming Perfectionism’ and ‘Planning a Honeymoon’.

Rock My Wedding

Here you’ll get to listen in on engaging discussions about weddings, Becky & Charlotte discuss topics from self-confidence to table decor. Whatever burning questions you’ve got about your wedding, rest assured that they will be answered here.

2. Check out Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to get lots of wedding inspiration. To help you get started, try following these wedding based accounts:

Willow by Watters: If you’re looking for some wedding dress inspo be sure to follow @willowbywatters. Here you’ll find gorgeous wedding photographs, and bohemian-style dresses to die for!

Wedding Forward: Need some help with your wedding planning processes, then certainly take a look at @weddingforward. Here you’ll need all the visual inspiration, tricks, and tips that you need.

3. Online magazines

There are plenty of online magazines where you can get wedding inspiration. Want to learn about wedding hairstyles? Need ideas for your wedding theme? There are lots of resources to check out including The Knot Magazine, Inside Weddings,, and Pretty Pear Bride. Check out these resources, and note down anything that will help you with the planning process.

Reading up on wedding-themed articles is a fantastic way to get ideas, plan the essentials and make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything! Remember every little detail contributes to an unforgettable wedding. The best thing to do is to start planning your wedding at least one year in advance. Planning ahead gives space to make changes if you need to.

4. Your married friends

If you’ve got any married friends, now’s the time to ask them for wedding inspiration advice. It can help to get tips from people who’ve been through the wedding planning experience. You might like to ask for recommendations, whether it’s caterers, photographers, or venues. There’s so much to planning a wedding, and so it’s useful to have a little help.

 A second opinion is always helpful, whether it’s advice on your engagement ring, or your dress. To take a look at some beautiful engagement rings, check out this white gold claddagh ring with emerald.

Tips like these will help you to get super inspired, and create the beautiful wedding that you deserve. From the cake to the theme you’ll want everything to be perfect! You’ll want your wedding day to be magical, and so the preparation process needs lots of thought.

5. Pinterest

One of the best places to collect inspiration and organize your thoughts is Pinterest, here you can create a Wedding Vision or Idea board and sub-boards to help organize your ideas and inspiration.

Set Up A Wedding Registry

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