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Summer brings a relaxing feel in the air, but it’s not easy to relax when your home feels like a sauna. While a home with good insulation is ideal in the winter, it can be an issue during the hotter months, affecting your sleep and making your home feel stuffy.

Finding ways to keep your home cool can help you stay comfortable this during the warmer months. Check out the following tips for making a cool home for the summer.

Be smart with your windows and blinds

Did you know that opening your windows isn’t the best way to deal with heat in your home? Opening your windows during the day can let the warm air in – the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve! 

Instead, keep your windows shut and your blinds or curtains drawn too, this will help prevent your home from heating up. You might also want to consider switching to light-colored curtains during the summer months! At night, once the sun is down and the temperature has dipped, you can open your windows to help air out your home.

Service your air conditioning

An air conditioner that has to work too hard with a poor result could end up blowing, while also leaving you with some big utility bills to pay. Before peak summer hits, make sure you get your air conditioning serviced by heating and cooling experts. Using air conditioning could help keep your home cool, especially during the night to help you sleep. If you can, use a timer to help you save energy so that the A/C doesn’t run all night. 

Turn off your appliances

The various appliances in your home generate heat. From TVs to your computer – if you leave them on all day, they’re going to pump out a lot of heat in your home. But turning them off will stop this from happening, and cut your bills down too. Using smart devices can make it easier for you to control the appliances in your home, helping you turn things off when you leave the house. You can even use smart sockets to control your fan and other cool gadgets around the home! Learn more about how a smart home works and see if it could benefit you.

Take your living area outdoors

If you can’t take the heat indoors, venture outside instead! Outdoor living spaces are a fantastic extension of your home, allowing you to relax, enjoy the sun or chill in the shade. Invest in some stylish new patio furniture and get ready to embrace the alfresco lifestyle!

There’s nothing worse than being too hot or too cold, but being too warm in the summer can make for a very sweaty and uncomfortable time! By finding ways to keep your home cool, you can look forward to a fun summer away from all the heat.

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