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If you’re like me then you find yourself wearing leggings often, I can’t live without them. Black leggings are extremely versatile (you can dress them up, dress them down and can be worn with almost anything to create an awesome outfit (as long as you always check the camel toe situation…). I wear leggings to the gym, on a night out, while shopping….These days, our leggings are active wear, loungewear, and even date-night wear. You can wear basic leggings, but also prints and leather/denim ones, these are fun and the best part is that you can find leggings that are relatively inexpensive. The ones I am wearing below are from Discovery. They were $9.99 which is an amazing deal, so amazing in fact that I bought 2 and will most likely go back for more.

Rocking this ensemble later this winter? Just layer on a black overcoat and swap these open toes for black booties!

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