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Find The Right Size For Your Body

Unless you know your proper bra size, you could be wearing the wrong undergarment. This can be more than just a mild discomfort: bras that are too tight or loose can lead to serious injuries to your neck and back. They can also cause numbness in your hands and fingers. Trying to work with the wrong bra will only leave you in physical pain. When you find a bra that fits correctly, you’ll feel – and look – better.

All the letters and numbers on bras might seem confusing. What’s the difference between A and AA? Are DD and E the same bra, but with different letters? The process is actually easy once you understand what the numbers mean. Fortunately, there’s a fast and simple way to decipher the “code” of the bra industry. Grab a cloth measuring tape – usually the type that a seamstress or tailor will use – and start measuring.

Step One:

Wrap the tape around the area just beneath your breasts. You should pull the tape so that it is snug, but not too tight. Now, subtract five from your measurement. This number is your band size; remember that for later.

Step Two:

Move the tape upward so that it covers the fullest part of your bust. Make sure that the tape is a little loose around your body. Check out your measurement. If you get an odd number, round up. Now, subtract from your band size number.

Step Three:

Now you have your cup size. Your number corresponds to the bra industry’s sizes like this:

AA = less than one inch

A = one inch

B = two inches

C = three inches

D = four inches

E (or DD) = five inches

F (or DDD) = six inches

Now that you’re confident that you have the right bra size, head to your favorite lingerie store and start browsing. You’ve eliminated one of the biggest problems that women face when purchasing these undergarments, so go shop with confidence.

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