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How Can Students Reduce their Financial Stress?

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It can be stressful being a student, there are exams and studying to think about, and money is another worry on top of it all. All students struggle with money at some point, there are lots of things you can do to reduce this stress, by being smart with your money. You have so many options, that will help you make money, or spend the money you have more wisely. With countless tools available like SoFi’s student loan calculator (, there are definitely ways for you to avoid any money or financial trouble, as well all know financial stress is by far one of the biggest stresses when being a student, but there is always something you can do to give you peace of mind. You would be surprised the kinds of inventive ways students end up saving money, and here are just a few ideas for you. Read on to see how you can improve your finances, and reduce stress while studying. 


End Your Subscriptions


Okay, so maybe you want to keep your Netflix for when times get really dark, but do you need any of the other subscriptions you are subscribed to? Even something like getting a cheaper phone contract can really help. Think about where your money is going each month, and decide what you really need and what you don’t. Spotify can also add up, so if there are free versions, opt for these.



There are loads of ways you can save on food and drink, which will probably be your biggest expense. Let’s face it you are in college and are going to go out and have a good time. If you drink, it can be worth drinking before you go out, so you don’t spend loads of money on drinks while you are out. This might mean drinking a lot more beforehand! But it is a lot cheaper than spending loads on drinks while your out socializing.

Making meals in bulk, and freezing leftovers can also save you a lot of money and time too. When you make a meal, make more than you need, and use it for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner. This means not having to cook from scratch the next day, which saves you time, but you don’t have to buy ingredients for different meals. This can save you so much money, so it’s worth changing where you shop, and how you cook your meals as well.


Earn More Money

Make sure you have all the governmental loans, scholarships, and finances, that you can get. Sometimes there are things available to you-you don’t even know about, so do your research. There are also other sources where you can get loans from, like here:

Make sure you have all the money available to you, as it can make so much difference when you are studying, you would be surprised what is available to you.

Studying is a unique and amazing time in your life, and reducing the stress the finances cause, can make these years more enjoyable. There are loads of things you can try form bulk buying food, buying from a cheaper supermarket, or planning your meals in advance and sticking to them. There are also other sources of money available, which is worth checking out.

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