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Stress has many different causes. You may be stressed out because you are working long hours or facing challenges in the workplace. Your home life might be getting you down and causing you sleepless nights. You might be struggling to juggle your busy schedule or coping with a loss. You might be worried about your health or that of a loved one. Whatever the reason for your stress, it’s horrible. Feeling stressed out can mean that you lack enthusiasm and have difficulty enjoying life. You might be sleeping poorly or find that your appetite has gone. You may have physical symptoms and find yourself feeling permanently unwell and run down. Over time, untreated stress can spiral. Your symptoms can become more severe, you can become more and more stressed out, and your mental health and relationships can suffer. So, it’s essential that you find ways to cope with and conquer your stress before it takes over.  




One of the very best ways to tackle any kind of stress is talk. Talk about your problems, even if they seem silly and small. Talking about them will help you to find solutions, to put your issues into perspective and to feel better. Get into the habit of talking more. Speak to your partner, your friends, your family, your colleagues, someone from Psychic Light, and if you need to, your doctor. If you struggle to talk, consider a therapist who can help.


Try to get into the habit of talking about your day when you first get in from work. Get it all out, and then move on to enjoy your evening.




If you can take that talking even further, and turn it into laughter, even better. When it comes to things like stress, laughter really is the best medicine. Spend some time with people that make you smile. Have your friends round for a takeout or go out for a meal. Laughing can improve your mood, make you feel better, more confident and more alert. Do it as often as you can.



conquer stress


Exercise is a great way to burn off any negative energy. Turning it into something positive. Try to get into a regular routine of exercise. Find something that you enjoy doing and keep doing it. Push yourself to be better and use it as an excuse to take some time out for yourself. While you are focused on pushing your body and improving at something, you are giving your mind a chance to clear and find peace. Some people find that this gives them a chance to think through their problems and find solutions, while others find it a welcome break from thinking, giving their minds a chance to rest. Regular exercise will also help you to sleep better, which is always good.


Ditch Negativity

We all have people in our lives that make us feel bad or annoy us. Whether they are social media contacts or friends, we’re clinging on to because we’ve known them for a long time. Have a clear out. Get rid of contacts that make you feel bad. Spend your time with those that make you happy.


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