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Fashion 101: How to look expensive on a budget

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Do you want to look expensive and boujee but your budget is a problem? Then keep reading.

It’s not all about the clothes

You’re the canvas, this means that all the clothing and accessories need a good base in order to work out. The first “secret” to looking expensive is to pay attention to your skin, hair, nails, etc. It plays a big role in this. 

rose, black, and beauty imageblonde, beauty, and aesthetic image

We don’t have money for facial treatments and all that stuff, I know.

But you don’t need that. I mean, there’re thousands and thousands of videos, posts and articles that tell you how to take care of your whole body on a budget. I suggest doing your own research to find what works for you and your body. I will give you some important tips.

1. You don’t need your favorite beauty guru’s beauty collection

Less is more, don’t use a ton of skincare products. Don’t do this to your skin, please. The same applies to hair and your whole body. A bathroom full of cute products looks pretty, I understand that, so maybe try to have different routines so you don’t use a lot of products at once. 

beauty, bathroom, and gold image2. Natural

Natural products are the key, that’s all I need to say. 

autumn, fall, and fresh image

3. Beauty sleep

You need to get some sleep, for real, turn your phone down.

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and bed image

4. Sunscreen

Protect your skin whether you’re light skinned or dark skinned protecting your skin in essential!

beauty, makeup, and skin image

5. Work out and drink water

At this point, I believe that working out and drinking water is the answer to everything. Joking, but it does help a lot. You have to work from the inside out to look expensive (who would have thought).

drink, girl, and Hot imagefitness, sport, and workout image

Time to make our drugstore makeup look expensive

Blend your makeup! Unblended makeup will never make you look expensive, sorry. Dampening your beauty blender, sponge or brush a little to help it blend into your skin. Keep your makeup neat, avoid too much smudging. Prime and set to make sure your makeup lasts longer. Look for dupes, you can find a lot of good quality dupes. The real secret of mascara is the spoolie. Ask for help so you can get your exact foundations shade*Highlight* to give yourself a “natural” glow. A rosewater facial spray will give you a natural dewy look and refresh your makeup as well. Apply your makeup under natural light to prevent any surprises when you go outside looking…you know, crazy. 
Some makeup suggestions: e.l.f cosmetics, Maybelline mascara, wet n’ wild, L’Oreal Paris True Match foundation.

expensive, fashion, and girl image

Our face is glowing but our hair is a mess

Do some research and find what works better for your hair type. My general advice, is to keep your hair clean and healthy. Apply a natural hair mask once per week (well, I need to start practicing what I preach), apply some oil to make sure it looks good and shiny, trim your ends to allow your hair to grow stronger. Again, do some research, because we all have different types of hair!

hair, girl, and hairstyle image

Hair’s looking healthy. What’s next?

Our hair needs some personality. Because explaining a hairstyle can be kind of hard and confusing, I’m going to put some images of hairstyle that will make you look fab.

blonde girl, blue eyes, and slicked back imagefashion, hair, and blonde imagehair, highlight, and darkskin imagebeauty and hair imagecurly hair, girl, and melanin imageImage by Tia Brownaccessories, fashion, and mode imageImage by dabloggabeautiful, eyebrows, and eyeliner imagehair, gold, and hairstyle image


Whether you like long nails or short nails, natural nails or painted nails, your nails are also important. You have to make sure they look clean and cute (right now I’m looking at my nails, I need to remove this old nail polish. Again, I need to practice what I preach).

nails and nail art imagenails, pink, and heart image

What you’ve all been waiting for: Clothes

The #key to looking expensive is to look is to stay on the simple side. But I know that you’re extra so let’s forget about that.

What do I wear to look $?

Coats & Blazers

They look so sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with these. 

fashion, outfit, and street style imagefashion, style, and outfit image

Pointy shoes

Again, sophistication at its finest.

shoes, fashion, and black imageshoes, fashion, and boots image

Solid colors

Super classy

fashion image

Animal print

– Don’t buy real animal skin fashion items –

fashion, girl, and beauty imagestyle, fashion, and clothes image


Fur screams expensive. But remember, don’t buy real fur.

fur, luxury, and aesthetic imagefashion, girl, and white image


Silk dresses, silk blouses, silk scarves…

fashion, dress, and outfit imagezendaya image


Add a nice touch to your outfits by adding a belt. It can be a simple belt, just to complement the rest of your outfit. Or you can try something less simple, to kind of build your outfit around this piece.

Image by Yessnia_hmara


I mean… how are you going to look expensive without some shiny jewelry? Don’t worry, there’s no need to buy real diamonds, just make sure they don’t look too cheap.

aesthetic, fashion, and gold image

Major tips

Go thrifting

You can find good things for cheap, you may even find designer stuff if you’re lucky.

Take advantage of sales

Now you’re ready to slay 😉



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