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Good news for many women is word that looking both stylish and more slim can be easier than you think. That’s important, as one recent study discovered. In fact, the survey by a major apparel company found, almost 90 percent of American women reported their looks determine how they feel about themselves. 90% is a very high number!

Other findings:

• Most women, regardless of age, shape or size, perceive that they have body flaws.

• Sixty-three percent cited their stomachs as their major problem area, followed by thighs (45 percent), hips (34 percent) and rear ends (33 percent).

• These “problems” significantly increase for women who wear larger than a size 10.

• Sixty-five percent described their attempts to control their weight as unsuccessful.

Diet and exercise are the best solutions for looking and feeling better, but women have also turned to

shape wear, such as old-fashioned girdles and other undergarments for instant effect.

There are many other shape wear brands, that features a unique collection of ready-to-wear apparel with built-in shape wear panels that trim the waist, slim the hips and shape the rear. These unexpected bonuses come in great-fitting pants, skirts and dresses, and are invaluable assets in an extensive swimwear collection. There are even collections does include conventional shape wear intimate pieces as well.

The designers also offer these five slimming style tips:

1. Higher necklines support and minimize a full bust.
2. Vertical stripes, princess seams and single-breasted jackets provide a slimming illusion.
3. Bootcut pants and flared skirts minimize heavy hips, thighs and rear.
4. Tunic tops stylishly conceal hips and rear.
5. Clothes containing super control fabrics with Lycra and power-mesh panels can smooth away imperfections.

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