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Hello, readers!

I am going to assume that you’re similar to me then you do a lot of your shopping on the web. That is to say, gone are the times of heading to the mall, battling to find a parking spot just to be bombarded by the weekend group to ideally track down something at the endless of stores there are. Online shopping has changed the game with numerous retailers just working web-based at this point. That is to say, you can essentially search for anything for any event with a solitary snap.

One of the retail stores I have had my eye on for a while is Femme luxe, They have so many trendy luxury style clothing, so I teamed up with Femme Luxe to try some of their clothing items and review them for you.


Femme Luxe portrays itself as a strong and “Force to be reckoned with roused design brand.” They have items such as bodycon dresses, jumpsuits, and bodysuits. There are north of 100 pieces on the site consistently and constantly offer deals and promotions for their pieces. Femme Luxe is a London-based brand yet caters around the world.


White Bardot Organza Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress – Kaya

This dress! All I have to say is 10 out of 10, fits like a glove, and is so comfortable the puffy sleeves don’t bother at all. Definitely an amazing cocktail or party dress. I would wear this would nude undergarments as white is always a little see-through and this does not have a slip.

Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper – Lore

I love a good chunky comfy sweater and this one did not disappoint. The color is a rich green and can go with anything from ripped jeans, black jeans, leggings, etc. This for me is perfect for the holiday season. I don’t think they have this one on their website anymore, but they do have it in 3 other colors which include Rose, Grey, and Lime.

Black PU Corset Top – Amy

This corset top is exactly what I was looking for! Are you getting hot biker chick vibes? Seriously, I have been wanting one like this for a while and I found it on this site and it fits perfectly! Definitely one of my favorite items.

Black Hooded Sweater Dress – Avery

To be honest, I have never worn a sweater dress because since I am on the short side I just didn’t feel like they would look great on me, However, I am not hating this one. I really like how this looks. I loved pairing it with my high-heeled combat boots, because well it looks badass!

In Conclusion

I loved every item from the Femme Luxe store that I got, they all fit really well and look great on me. I think one of the best pieces of advice I can give, not only to shop on Femme Luxe but any other online retailer, is to know your size and choose items that suit your body type.

That’s it! Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on Social Media!

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