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Get Past The Motivation Barrier And Live A Fitter Life

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We all have a little trouble finding the motivation and the energy we need to keep up with a fit, active lifestyle, at times. If you’re on a new health kick and you’re not really used to it, those hurdles can feel like mountains, but they’re not really. Here are a few tips on how to ensure you don’t skip a workout and stay on track for your goals, even if you’re not feeling it.


Set and reaffirm your goals

Goals are always important in fitness. Having a peak to reach and laying out the steps you need to take each day to get there can be motivational enough. However, it can be a great motivator to have an affirmation of your goals taped to your mirror or written by your bedside when you wake up. These positive affirmations, when repeated aloud, can increase your confidence, help you keep in mind why you want to work out in the first place.


Eat the frog

Perhaps you’ve heard the term before, and it’s one that precisely describes the problem. If you know you have to eat a frog at some point in the day, it’s better to do it as soon as possible, rather than to put it off and worry and stress about it. Starting the day with a morning exercise routine will not only get your apprehension out of the way, but it also helps you feel more energetic and in a better mood thanks to the endorphin rush.


Top up those energy levels

Working out takes energy. If you don’t have the fuel you need, you won’t be able to keep up with your exercises. As such, making sure that you have a light meal or at least an energy filled snack like a granola bar, as well as plenty of hydration, is essential. If you’re feeling particularly lethargy, IV vitamin therapy can give you a double shot of the nutrients and hydration straight to your body, without having to wait for digestion. As such, you can get yourself ready all the sooner to hit the treadmill, weights, or whatever you have planned.


Keep fitness fun

Yes, you can learn to love working out. Naturally, as you get used to it, the rush of endorphins and dopamine can be enough to keep you going. A few tricks, in the meantime, can help. Exercising with friends keeps you accountable and makes the workout feel a little easier. A great workout playlist has been shown to diminish your sensation of aches and pains from working out. Similarly, having fun with new workouts like sports or a spinning class can give you that happy chemical rush all the sooner. Focus on the fun side of fitness while you build the discipline that makes it a lifelong habit.


Exercise might feel like a chore at first but, in reality, it’s a habit. The longer you maintain it, the easier it is to stick in the habit. Push yourself to stay consistent early, and it’s much easier to find the love of fitness that will keep you going.


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