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Happy International Women’s Day!

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Cheerful women celebrate the party toasting. Happiness and friendship for nine beautiful girls.

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone who identifies as a woman or has ever lived life as a woman!

Every day of my life, I am amazed, impressed, and obsessed with women. We truly are a force to be reckoned with. Whatever life throws at us, we manage to get back up and empower others. Because of the women in my life, I am proud to be a woman. Because of other women, I’ve accomplished so much in my life. I was in a safe and loving all-women environment, so I cried and laughed again.

8 March International Women's Day greeting card

Being a woman is never easy. We are asked to walk the line between being too basic and being too extravagant. We are made fun of for having “feminine” hobbies and mocked for having “masculine” hobbies. We’re never smart enough, and we’re always accused of trying too hard. Too bossy to be respected, or too passive to advance. We never measure up when men are the standard, and yet we are always too much.

We progress from despising our feminine side to conforming to the misogynistic stereotype. And yet, in our lifetime, we experience both extremes and still manage to become the most beautiful, magnificent, magical, honest, and authentic versions of ourselves! I meet amazing talented compassionate women who pave the way for themselves and others, who come up with solutions to problems, who bring peace and understanding, who are so complex and yet so simple – women just being themselves and doing the best they can to enjoy life, no matter where I live or where I visit, no matter the type of environment or the time of day, wherever I go.

Group of four women together holding hands up in the air. Concept of women united.

Today is a good day to thank the women in our lives for everything they’ve done and continue to do and be. So here’s to the ladies!

“May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

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