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Making friends as an adult is tough. At school you are surrounded by people all of the time, it’s easy to meet new people and make fast friends. When you start a new job, you often encounter a lot of new people, some of whom may turn into good friends over time. But, many adults are lonely. Friends from school have got married, had kids and moved away. Workmates move on to different things. Good friends are busy with their own lives, and meetups are often limited. It can be easy for even a once popular person to suddenly find that they are lonely and have few people to turn to when they need a friend.


Then, we can find ourselves wondering how to meet people. Especially if you work from home, or in a job which means that you spend a lot of time on your own. When you spend your working days alone and the rest of your time is tied up with family, chores and other commitments, how do you meet people and make friends?


Get Online


Meeting people in person can be tough. Finding the time and opportunities to get out there and meet people that you have things in common with is always hard, but some people find the idea of speaking to strangers and interacting with a group of people that they don’t know makes them feel panicked and anxious.


Fortunately, the internet gives you another way to speak to people. When it comes to making friends online, you’ve got plenty of options. You could set up a Twitter profile and start chatting to people on social media. You could join groups or find local forums and sites that you can join. Telephone lines like Interactive Male give you another option if you are looking for something specific. Whether you end up meeting these people in real life, or just chat online, they can become real friends. Giving you someone to talk to and confide in when you need it.


Get a Hobby


Starting a new hobby is a fantastic way to meet people. It can be scary walking into a room full of people that you don’t know, but when you are starting a hobby, you’ve already got something in common and something to talk about. Check out your local libraries and community centers to see what’s on. Or, start a class at a local sports center or gym.


Use Your Kids


If you’ve got kids, they are a fantastic way to meet people. Take them to playgroups or chat with other parents in the playground. You’ve got plenty in common already, and you’ll often find that your kids break the ice. Pets like dogs can be great for this too, get chatting to other dog owners on your walks.


Take a Class


Like starting a hobby, classes give you a great way to meet people that you’ve got something in common with. But, with added bonuses. Firstly, there’s no pressure to talk. In a class, most of the time, you’ll be sat working. The lessons are structured, and there’s little time for chatter. You’ll get to know people over time, but you won’t have to face the pressures of small talk straight away. Secondly, you’ll be gaining a skill or qualification, which is never bad.


Get Back in Touch with Old Friends


Chances are, you’ve got friends. But, as we grow up and get busier, we start to see each other less. Then, suddenly it’s been months since you last had a text chat let alone saw each other in person and you can feel awkward about getting back in touch. Well, they probably feel the same, and someone needs to make the first move. Look at your contacts. Send a quick message to anyone you’d like to see again, whether you last see them a month ago, or it’s been over five years, send that message. Ask if they fancy meeting for a coffee, what have you got to lose?


Start Going Out More


Many of us find ourselves trapped in a circle of wanting to go out and complaining that we never see people but turning down invites when we get them because we’re too tired, anxious about going out or too busy. Start saying yes to these invites. Even if you end up only staying for an hour, show your face and keep in touch.


Loneliness is something that affects many adults. While it might not seem like a big deal from the outside, for those suffering it can lead to depression, anxiety, weight gain, health issues, trouble sleeping, stress and a whole host of other problems. Don’t just put up with it if you are feeling lonely, get out there and make some friends.

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