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How To Make Your Wedding More Modern

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Having your heart set on getting married to your partner is wonderful, but you might not be super keen on some of the traditions. The classic structure of a wedding is a lot; like don’t see the bride beforehand; the father must give the bride away, and plenty in between. 

But there are many ways that you can have the exact day of your dreams with a few modern twists on a wedding. 

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For some of your older relatives, a paper invitation is a good idea – but for everyone else who is digitally savvy, then create a wedding website. Include everything they need to make their own preparation. A few things to include are your registry, gift ideas and options, local hotels or places to stay, times, men’s options, and dress codes. 

You can even add in an RSVP and more to help you with the organization. 


Unless a church wedding is on your non-negotiable list, then you are free to use almost any venue that your minister or officiant will travel to. 

Choosing a wedding venue that has high ceilings, plenty of open space, and even minimalist decoration will all lean very heavily into the modern feel that you want to create. Weddings can often feel like a stuffy affair when in small, dark places – so look for inspiration outside, in the woods, near water, or in large bright rooms. 

When using a wedding planner, be sure that you have expressed your wish to have a modern space so that they can be on theme straight away (but ask for some wildcards because you never know!). 


Wedding flowers are often a standard shape and color – but you can stray far from that and opt for modern arrangements that are filled with different wildflowers, herbs, and unique shapes. 

Or, you could skip the flowers altogether! There are no rules here, so if it is not something you’d want, then you can ditch it. After all, this day should be as personal as possible to you. 

Suit Up! 

For those who wear a suit all the time, you might decide that you want to wear the biggest, most floaty dress around. Or you may choose to wear a suit anyway – because that is what you are most comfortable in. One of the ways that people can spice up the wedding is to stay away from blacks and greys and instead go for bright colors! 


Go for unexpected entertainment. You don’t need to opt for a traditional band; you can do things like silent discos, magic shows, or an all-out party! You know your friends and family best, and if there are children there, it is a great idea to have something that will cater to them too! 

You could skip the post-wedding entertainment completely and just book a few tables at your favorite restaurant – there are no limits to what you choose to do – so make it as personal to you as you can. 

Throw in a few surprises for guests, too: Wonderful Ways To Impress Your Wedding Guests

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