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Life is all fun and games, until it isn’t. There comes a time when the rock and roll lifestyle — or at least your own little variation of it — becomes a problem. It’s not necessarily that you want to drink, smoke, or do any of the other things that you consider to be vices, but that you can’t seem to stop. However, if you’re in the “I don’t enjoy this anymore” phase, then fear not — it’s always possible to overcome personal problems, no matter what they are. That’s part of what makes human beings so impressive! Below, we take a look at five ways to say goodbye to them for good.

Understand the Cause

If you want to stop doing something but can’t, then the first thing you need to do is to discover the underlying cause of your action. What’s prompting you to keep doing the thing that you wish you could put behind you? If it’s drinking, the issue may be that you’re simply bored — when Friday night rolls around, you’ve become so accustomed to going out to drink that you wouldn’t know where to begin if you didn’t. In some cases, the cause might be deeper, such as related to something that happened in your childhood, in which case a therapist can help.

New Habits

If you’re just giving up your vice without replacing it with something else, then it’ll be no surprise if you don’t stick to your new, clean habit. Take drinking, again. It’s not enough just to say “I’m going out on Friday”; when you’re just sitting at home watching television, you’ll be putting yourself through torture. Instead, it’s about developing new habits. You won’t go to the bar on Friday, you’ll go to a museum, or a concert, or other cultural events. Don’t just give it up — replace it with something better.

Alternative Options

If it were easy to give up vices, then everyone would do it. The problem is that it’s difficult! One of the best ways to transition away from problematic vices to ones that are manageable is to look for healthier options. For example, if you’re drinking too much alcohol, you could switch to drinks with lower alcohol content, or drink your mind altogether by drinking alcohol-free beer. Instead of trying to give up cigarettes cold turkey, buy e liquid instead, and begin vaping. Whatever it is you’re trying to wave goodbye to, there’ll be healthier alternative options to help you.

Find Accountability

Everything’s easier when we have the help of others. Don’t suffer alone! If you’re trying to improve yourself, then having the support of other people is invaluable. There’ll function as a person to pick you up when you’re struggling, and a cheerleader to celebrate your successes. Ask a friend you trust — there’ll be happy to help.

Reinforce Choice

Once you’ve chosen to give up a vice, stick to it. It’s a good idea to keep reminding yourself of all the benefits you’ll gain by changing your lifestyle — write them down and look at them regularly. It’ll be the motivation you need.

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