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How to wear perfume to make it last longer

I am a fragrance addict and a borderline hoarder when it comes to collecting all sorts of perfumes. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite perfumes but I decided to leave that for some other time and address one of the most important issues of all time.

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How to wear perfume to make it last longer (I will refrain from stating “last all day” because that is practically impossible in my opinion if you are always on the go and have a busy lifestyle).

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts on how to wear perfume to make it last longer;


▸ Wear your perfume after right after shower and before dressing up.

▸Spritz your perfume on areas of the body that tend to retain moisture throughout the day.

▸ Spritz your perfume on a comb or hairbrush and run it through your hair.

▸ The most effective way of making your perfume last longer is by using the same scent shower gel and body cream. This has by far given me the best results. The layering of same scent gives a long lasting effect and this applies to ANY FRAGRANCE you may choose. Using a shower gel/ body wash, body lotion and perfume from the same fragrance collection is key to making your perfume last longer.

Had I known this before I think I would have collected fewer empty bottles on my shelf (but they are pretty looking bottles anyway, so I don’t really mind 😉).

Woman testing perfume at a beauty salon


▸ Do not wear perfume on your wrist and dab it. By doing so you will be ruining top notes of your perfume and in effect, you are allowing the fragrance to evaporate faster than it would organically.

▸ Do not wear perfume after dressing. Whilst some may argue that the fibres in clothing will retain the fragrance but that is not the type of fragrance you want to retain. perfumes were designed to wear directly on your skin and each perfume reacts differently with each skin type (which also prompts me to remind you, always try fragrances on your skin before purchasing) and the fragrance developed from the chemical reaction of the perfume with your skin is the kind of fragrance you want to retain.

▸Do not use a strong-smelling shower gel or body lotion with a completely different perfume. If you do not wish to invest in the bath and body products from the same collection, the best option would be to use lightly scented bath and body products or ideally ‘no fragrance’ products. (Please note this is not the same as layering different perfumes to achieve a specific fragrance)

Chanel Noir is my ideal choice for an evening fragrance.

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