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The Little Things That Lead To Healthy Living

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Starting with the little things is something everyone needs to do in life. The little things all add up at the end of the day after all, and that means they can immediately topple what would have been a good day into a very bad one. Your boss reprimanding you at work, getting stuck in traffic when you just want to get home before 6, not having the sandwich filling in the fridge for you packed lunch that day etc.


However, it’s these little events that we have no control over. And that means you need to take control over the little things in your life, to remind yourself you still can go on with a healthy outlook even when fate seems to be against you. So work on your breathing and relax your muscles, here are some of the little things you can take up that really make a difference in starting off your healthy lifestyle.


Start with Water


It’s something all the experts would recommend. Water is the force of life after all, and when it comes to downing your daily allowance, a lot of people fall short. So when you wake up, have a full glass of water before you drink anything else, and even add a dash or lemon or lime juice to it. It really can revitalize you after a whole night of tossing and turn, and helping your stomach get used to digesting the food of the day ahead leads to great results.


Give Yourself a Compliment


You have to be your own biggest fan after all! If you can’t pay yourself any compliments, it’s time to work on how you see yourself when you look in the mirror and recognize the attributes that make you, you. So the next time you find yourself scowling at your eyebrows and lifting your smile up with your fingers because you’re just not liking what you’re seeing, step back and realize what’s happening.


There’s no point in you teaching yourself to hate the way you look simply because there’s a lot of media out there that tells you it isn’t right. Only you get to decide how right your body is, and that’s something a lot of people don’t realize. Take back control here, it’ll pay off massively when you can finally smile at yourself and have the expression reach the light in your eyes! Not to mention the way it can put on your hips and the wink you might just throw yourself when you get changed in the morning.


Get in Touch with People


Being around good people who can empathize and understand you and your needs is one of the great pleasures of life, and because of that, you should go in search of it. Seeing as we sometimes just don’t have the right kind of people around us physically, you can use the online world for good use here: go onto your social platforms and search for groups and accounts that promote the ideas you believe in, and share the ideals you know you’re lacking in your life.


It can be extremely healing to come across groups such as these. For example, finding some free qigong healing is going to go far to make sure you’ve got a space to practice your breathing and calming your thoughts, sharing in the energy and positivity of the people around you. And it’s going to teach you the transferable skills required to pass these techniques over into your daily life! They’ll be indispensable when a co-worker next annoys you or you have to meet with a supervisor.


Get Tomorrow Ready at Bedtime


Just before you go to bed, as part of your nighttime routine, make sure you’re laying out everything you’re going to need for the morning. Lay out the clothes you want to wear to work, and iron them for good measure. Or find your workout outfit and lay that out alongside them, and set your alarm for an hour or two earlier than usual. Because you’ve already got a packed lunch in the fridge you know you’ve got time to relax your way through the morning instead of rush to even get a cup of coffee ready.


If you get tomorrow ready when you have the time and energy to, rather than just crawl into bed and snooze the night away, you’re going to have a much better time in the morning sticking to the routine you really want to have. Spring up when the shrill sound of the bell goes off, put your clothes on, get jogging around the neighborhood or straight down to the gym, shower, and then get ready for the rest of the day. It sounds simple, and you can make it so!


Stretch it Out


Stretching is something your muscles probably need to do more of. Because of that, it’s time to take a spare five minutes before you get into bed or when you wake up in the morning to let your body let go of its tension. It’s something not a lot of people tend to do seriously, so get up and start working your arms and legs.



You can watch this handy video for some visual tips that’ll really shake yourself awake when the drowsiness is telling you to go straight back under your duvet. If you keep up with it, holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds at a time, you might start to notice an improved use of your legs when it comes to commuting in the morning, or your arms and shoulders not getting so tired carrying your bag. There’s nothing like a spring in your step when you walk into work or when you’re off to meet your friends; people will notice the new glow about you and even have something nice to say about it!


Being able to lead a healthy life is something you should never take for granted. Take the time you have now to make it good!


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