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Look Good, Workout Better: Fitness Fashion Basics

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Ah, the gym – a place where men go to sweat away their tension and push their bodies to the limit. Looking good is a lost cause, something only the posers can do because they aren’t pushing the envelope. Their tank tops and tight vests are merely a vehicle to stroke their ego. You’re a workhorse, and that means you’re not going to appear at your best from time to time. It’s better to deal with it, right? There’s no way around this pitfall.


No, the answer is to figure out how to merge fitness and fashion for ultimate results. Here are four tips for anyone who needs inspiration.


Dress According To The Discipline


Every self-respecting fitness freak understands the need to switch up the disciplines. Cardio is excellent for building up fitness and losing weight while lifting weights helps to put on mass. Yoga regulates the core and maintains the whole body. Each day is different, which means your outfits must change with the times. Think about leg day. The last thing you want to do is show off your crown jewels thanks to a pair of tight shorts which belong back in the eighties. A tapered pair of shorts which cut-off at the knee is far less revealing.


Ditch The Meat Head Look


Men, don’t get embarrassed if the realization suddenly hits you like a ton of bricks. All guys have been there. You’ve spent months toning your body and want to show it off. And, hey, who knows – maybe the chicas on the yoga mats will dig it and a romance will blossom. But, anyone who has used Tinder recently will recognize that a tank top or a deep-plunging vest is a huge turn-off. A better look is to show off your physique while leaving something to the imagination. Under Armor has a variety of skin-tight tops which hug the figure.



Get Out Of The Gym


Those fluorescent and the faint smell of bleach aren’t the only features of a fantastic exercise area. Sometimes, to look good and workout better, it’s important to leave the gym behind. Yep, shock, horror right? However, you’ll find there are plenty of sports which are conducive to fashion that keep the body ticking over. Golf is a perfect illustration. With your lightweight golf stand bags and a jumper, collared shirt and pants combo, you’ll feel like a man around town. If you politely say no to a buggy, a golf day is an excellent fat-burner because it involves plenty of aerobic cardio. Also, swinging clubs for four hours hones the arm muscles.



Be Invisible


No one wants to be noticed for all the wrong reasons. Sweating profusely is at the top of the list, which is where a baseball cap comes into play. Worn forwards, it soaks up the sweat and stops your hair from becoming wild and unruly. A hoodie is another impressive piece of kit. The coup de grace is invisible socks. The socks and sneakers combo look is never good, which is why you need ones which cut off below the ankle.


Are you ready to rock the gym looks-wise and workout-wise?


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