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I have a few small little pieces that are so good to have in your closet as you could literally turn them into a new outfit every single time! I have plenty more so if you would like to see another one of these – feel free to ask! I will also be giving a few outfit ideas along the way and I hope this article helps you in any way, shape or form but I also hope you enjoy it!


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Mom jeans are such a statement piece to have in your wardrobe! Not only are they comfy as their looser than ordinary skinnies but they look so cute with everything! In the day, chuck them on with a cute top and belt and some boots, if you’re feeling cozy, put on a jumper or hoodie and some trainers and if you’re going on a night out or to a fancy meal but don’t fancy the dress, put mom jeans on, block heels and a bodysuit and you are good to go! If you haven’t already- I seriously recommend getting a pair.


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In the winter there is nothing better than a turtle neck. Not only do they keep you super warm but they look so cute with skirts and jeans and a few bits of jewellery! By having more of a lattice hem, these types are normally thinner however with a teddy bear or formal coat they look adorable, especially woth a skirt and boots or even skinnies and some heels. The thicker kind are so good for the colder days but can also look amazing with a skirt and tights and a watch, bracelet and a state,ent necklace. These are great for a catchup with your friends a day at school, a walk in the park or even a meal out.


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Whether it be a simple, plain dress or a lace detailed one, a black dress is the perfect item to have in your wardrobe. By putting on a denim jacket and a belt, it can make this outfit an everyday one, but by slipping on a pair of heels, a fur coat and a necklace, the look is completey changed. Not only do they look amazing but black makes you look thin whilst still showcasing your curves – it’s a win win!


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Not only do they look cute with jeans, they can also look good with skirts and dresses. I am the biggest trainer lover, but whether it be a pair of Alexander McQueen’s or a pair of vans, trainers can make any outfit dressed down, and casual or add a bit of sass, giving a bit of character whilst still being comfy – genius.

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Skirts are my favourtie thing to wear. Put on a pair of tights, jumper and boots and you have your fall outfit. Wack on a crop top and some sandals or trainers and you have your perfect summer outfit. In the day you can wear them casual and on the night-time they look great with a pair of heels. No matter the season, or the occassion, skirts are the best thing to have ready in your wardrobe, keeping you comfy yet super girly.


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No matter if it is designer or one from the highstreet a cross body or tote can really put an outfit together. Not only is it practical but it is an accessory that can help with colour-scheming an outfit and just looks so classy. Handbags are my guilty plessure i must ad,it, so having maybe a black one to start out and extending your purchases with more daring colours is an amazing oppertunity to brighten up a plain outfit.

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