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What It Takes to Be A High Rated Influencer, And Blogger

The secret to success is diligent hard work and persistence. To influence means to manipulate or have an effect on somebody’s behavior or decision. To get to the level of a top-rated social media strategist, one needs to have dedicated their time to building their brand and convincing social media followers to consume their content. With many businesses shying away from traditional advertising methods, a new platform is being created to bridge the gap. We have bloggers and who have taken over the world of marketing. They are doing brand endorsements and convincing their followers to make purchases in a specific direction.

Any Difference from A Blogger?

Let us admit it. The word influencer hasn’t been around for a long time. So new is the name such that spellchecks occasionally flag it as a typo. But despite being around for just a short time, the word has taken the social media by storm, raising the question as to whether they are some mythical creatures.
However, we all know these social media enthusiasts and brand marketers are normal human beings persuaded by marketers and brands to endorse their products. A social media strategist is a person who can sway their followers to make purchases of certain products. But more importantly, they leverage their massive following on social media to influence buying patterns.

Planning & Having a creative Feed that gets attention but is also informative and fun!

There seems to be a lot of similarities with the old celebrities. However, unlike the stars in the past years, the current bloggers have a lot of knowledge of the endorsing products.

Unlike the celebrities who use their social media platforms to sell and endorse products, bloggers own their websites to writing on their areas of expertise and passion.

Most of us ambassadors are associated with fashion and beauty. They are using the concept of beauty to show the world how diversified we are.

Any Secret to Growth in This Industry?

As earlier mentioned, there are never short cut to genuine success. To be regarded as one of the top-rated brand ambassador and blogger isn’t a mean feat. It requires consistent hard work and unmatched creativity to keep your fans and followers entertained all through.

However, there are also vital lessons that, as a blogger, you will learn as you master the trade. It is these lessons that help shape your career and ensures your growth is on the upward trend.
Let’s look at some of them.

1. Remain Who You Are

Being an opinion shaper doesn’t mean abandoning the person you are and assuming another person’s traits. You see, your fans will smell it from far away if you try to be someone else you are not.
Instead of emulating someone else, share with your fans and followers, your life journey and enter into a partnership with brands you genuinely love

2. Consistency Is Key
Do you have that one friend who will be loyal to you today and dump you the next morning? Well, even if you don’t have such, at least you understand how annoying an unreliable people can be.
Social media requires consistency, more so if you have a massive following behind your back. By influencing their decisions, you are already letting your fans into your world.
You, therefore, need to let them know what is happening almost every time.

3. Creating A Unique Brand Is Key
As you grow in the industry, you realize that you are not the only one influencing people to buy beauty products. There are now thousands of bloggers who are keen to change the advertisement world.
I have learned that You need to package yourself different from the rest and ensure you are consistent.

Whatever it takes to get the shot!

4. Beauty and Original Photography
What else would you need to market yourself apart from the natural beauty you are endowed with? Your visuals and beauty will decide whether brands want to be associated with you. And more often than not, the reverse psychology is used to convince the followers to purchase a certain product.

5. No Need for A Million Followers
To become an influencer, you need some substantive following on social media. Nonetheless, with just a small number of followers, you can also become influential on these social media platforms. You need to be consistent with quality content.

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