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Remodel and Refresh: How You Can Bring Your Kitchen Bang Up To Date

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Kitchen cabinet with kitchenwares

Step into a kitchen and you can tell the era it was last renovated by the mere existence of once-fashionable color schemes, outdated appliances, and retro cabinetry. Indeed, because a kitchen involves so much more than just four walls, it is more prone to becoming stuck in a time warp than other rooms in the house.

However, as the heart of the home, the kitchen holds a great deal of importance. It hosts family reunions, post-school snacks, loving weeknight meals, and elaborate holiday dinner parties. It is no surprise that a kitchen renovation is at the top of many property owners’ wish lists. Who wants to invite guests into a kitchen that is shockingly out of date, or have pleasant memories tainted by a mediocre backdrop?

You can, of course, go the whole hog when it comes to kitchen remodeling and change everything. Or, you can change elements of it. It is down to your choice, budget, and timescale, but either way, it will bring your kitchen into the modern era. 

Here, we look at some of the individual aspects that can make a huge difference to the way that your kitchen looks.

Modernize the metals

Outdated kitchens were constructed using materials that were popular years back, such as the metals used in kitchen hardware. Makers are releasing new materials, and design trends are getting on board, so it may be time to reconsider your drawer handles and light fittings. Matte aluminum, stainless steel, brushed gold, and copper is popular metals in kitchen design; use these materials in your cabinetry hardware, lighting, and cooker hood options.

Fix up the floor

Flooring is an area of your kitchen that is frequently overlooked, despite the fact that it plays a significant role in the overall design of your kitchen. If your flooring is keeping you frozen in time, consider upgrading from rolled vinyl or linoleum to a more durable, ageless material such as wood, tile, or stone. These materials will last longer and add value to your home. Ceramic tiling has grown in popularity in recent years.

Consider the countertops

Your countertops will also take up a lot of space in your kitchen. While outdated kitchens may have bothersome tile-and-grout or poor quality vinyl for workspace, today’s countertop surface options are virtually limitless. There’s a strong surfacing option for everyone’s taste and budget, from epoxy and polymer varieties to natural stone varieties like granite and marble. Designers have become more imaginative in recent years, employing heavy-duty construction materials for countertops such as concrete, tiling, and even brick. 

Sort out the seating

Your kitchen is most likely the busiest room in your house, and it is where people congregate. Modern kitchens encompass this by including seating. Seating can transform your kitchen, whether you choose countertop stools and seats at a breakfast bar or a banquette or bench at a small window table.

Bringing your kitchen bang up to date doe not take much; just a few simple tweaks here and there if a full remodel is out of your budget. Why not try some of these today?

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