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Solotica Hidrocor Ocre from Vision Marketplace

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Hello, my fellow fearless woman! I have recently reviewed these amazing cosmetic contact lenses from Vision Marketplace. I have tried the ocre (hazel), and some of other colors and collections, and they were all stunning. I can’t even describe how phenomenal they are. They have a tremendous selection of cosmetic contact lenses, with beautiful natural and even transfusion of different colored contact lenses.

If you have ever been like me who wished they had light brown eyes or just a different color in general than you should visit Vision Marketplace. The great thing about the colored contact lens is that they are for yearly use so they have a long shelf life. The Hidrocor colored lens does not have a limbal ring, which makes the colored contact lens look naturally flawless. The best thing about the lenses not having a limbal ring is not having to worry about the bug-eyed look. In turn, you receive a completely seamless eye transformation.

I am obsessed with Solotica Hidrocor Ocre from Vision Marketplace. The color is extraordinary, but still close to my natural brown eyes. Since there is no limbal ring the colored contact lenses look natural. They are perfect for people with dark eyes like me. They are enjoyable to have in on a daily basis, it is like they’re not even there till you look in the mirror and see immaculate stunning eyes staring back at you. “Hey, Sexy!” *moves eyebrows up and down*

What makes Vision Marketplace unique, is the super fast delivery they ship everything within 48 hours. They have marvelous customer service you email them and they email you back immediately, they are extremely helpful with any questions you may have, or even in the rare chance, there is a problem they will fix it immediately. They think about there customers, and how they can benefit from buying from there company. They send a case, a bottle of solution, two vials that have a color contact lens in them, to make sure the customer has everything they will need. Which is very thoughtful of them. They have even given me a code FEARLESS to give to my fellow fearless women to get 10% off there already great prices.

Here are some tips for you:

• Make sure hands are clean…Yes I know obviously

• Make sure you have tiny scissors for the vials with the contact lenses to help opening them. Be careful not to stab yourself like I did

• Keep them hydrated

• Sometimes the lens stays in the bottle just pour the water back in and pour it back out to coax it out. When you do get it. Victory high five to you!

• Don’t forget to use the code FEARLESS to get your 10% off. You know you deserve to treat yourself

I know some of the reviews are saying “they suck” or “they never received their product”. I can contest for them I have been buying from them for about two years now and the process has been impeccable. Before I even bought from the Vision Marketplace I spoke with them regarding this and they were able to tell me that their competitors are ruthless and have people saying bad things about them to deter their ever growing clientele. I have reviewed this product and are now telling your guys about it because I feel strongly about this product, and I know how amazing it is. To make it even better I know the customer service is amazing, so I know you guys will get an astounding product worry-free.

If you would like to see me achieve my lifelong dream to have light brown eyes than click on the link below.

If you want to purchase a pair Solotica Hidrocor Ocre from Vision Marketplace or just want to take a look at the website to see all marvelous things they have to offer then click on the link below. If you are going to buy something then please don’t to forget to use the code FEARLESS so you can 10% of your order as thank-you for being Forever Fearless.

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