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Somebody Help Me! Who To Go To For Health Assistance

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When you are feeling unwell, are in pain, or are suffering the only thing that is on your mind is making it stop. Sadly, this can make it all too easy to be confused about who the best person to see is, for the issue that is troubling you. Luckily, this is a problem that we address in more detail in the post below, so keep reading to find out who to turn to for your health issues.


Doctors / Emergency Care


First of all, it is important to note that while many professionals can help you with your health issues, it is always best to start with a doctors appointment if you have something you are concerned about.


The reason for this is that sometimes severe medical conditions can create strange symptoms and a qualified doctor will much more likely to pick this up. Something that means you can get early treatment and will, therefore, have a much better long-term prognosis.


Also, there a will be some medical and health issues that require emergency care, and cannot be dealt with in any other way. Such issue will include trauma, broken bones, sprains, unconsciousness and the like.


Therefore if you are concerned that yourself or anyone else is in a situation where they need care immediately, be sure to go down the emergency care route first, and call an ambulance or take them to the hospital if they can be moved safely.  




If you have a problem with your feet, then a podiatrist is the perfect person to go and see. In fact, podiatrists are foot specialists, and this means they are qualified to deal with specific problems in this part of the body.


In particular, if you are suffering from a painful problem such as gout where uric acid crystals are logged in the toe joints, verrucas, and even bunions, a podiatrist is the person to see.


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Also, such specialists are well versed in the cutting of toenails, something that those offering from in-growing ones, as well as those with diabetes, will find useful. This is because people with diabetes have to cut their nails very carefully because of the increased risk of loss of sensation in the foot are due to this disease.




If you are struggling with hearing conditions such as ear infections, loss of hearing or are even suffering from vertigo and tinnitus an audiologist is a medical specialist that will be able to help you. Yes, that is right, vertigo is an ear condition!


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For those not in the know, you may have heard of vertigo before but thought it was about losing your balance while at height. Now, you are half right as the condition is all about balance, but those suffering from it can feel like they are being spun around or are on a ship on the ocean when they are doing nothing but standing still! Not very pleasant at all!


Of course, the condition is linked to the inner ear and the way that this regulates balance, and that is why an audiologist will be the best person to see to get treatment.




Although many people try to deal with the nutritional issues on their own, it can be incredibly useful to go and see a professional nutritionist for some help.


The reason that this can produce a better result is that there are so many conflicting opinions and attitudes about what is good for us and what isn’t in the media and on social media. One day you can think fatty meat and coffee are the enemy, while the next you will find copious posts promoting these foods!


Of course, this can lead to confusion, as well as dangerously restrictive diets, Not to mention the fact that different bodies and medical condition react differently to particular foods. Of course, this is something that a nutritionist will be able to advise you on, and it is this more reasonable and personalized approach that makes a trip to see them worthwhile.  


Complementary therapists


Lastly, don’t forget that there are many complementary therapists out there that can help you alleviate your condition or your suffering. Of course, the clue is the title because as complementary therapies they are designed to be sought as a partner to traditional treatment and not instead of.


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Such therapies may include aromatherapy which is used for emotional distress, stress, sleep problems and the like, as well as acupuncture and Reiki which are both methods that focus on the energy system of the body and clearing any blocks that could be harmful to health and well being. Something that means you can get some help from a complementary therapist if you are looking for some assistance with your health.


Aromatherapy can help with many conditions including stress.


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