Stress and beauty don’t mix!

Stress and beauty don’t mix!
How Stress Affects Beauty

Stress affects beauty through skin conditions such as blemishes as well as the loss of moisture, which occurs more rapidly when under stress. Dryness of the skin can create more fine line/wrinkles appearance and causes the skin to look dull and aged. Creating a skin care regimen can help fight stressed skin worries.

Counteract with a Healthy Diet

I cannot stress enough that a healthy diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids can help keep skin, hair and nails conditioned from the inside out. Foods such as fish, olive oil and nuts provide healthy sources of this essential healthy fat. Stress not only affects the skin but the hair and nails as well. Both can become dry and brittle from excess stress. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will keep your body in proper function to counteract the affects of stress. As part of a healthy diet drinking plenty of water will keep the skin hydrated and youthful.

Fight Stress with Relaxation Techniques 

There are five relaxation techniques that have proven to relieve tension and relax both the mind and body.

  • Meditation- You don’t have to get a guru for this relaxation tool. Simply close your eyes and breathe. Let your mind go blank and focus on the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale slowly. It will relax you and refresh you. (This is terribly hard for me to do because I can’t stay still. I try anyway.)
  • Aromatherapy- Scents can create a soothing affect. Try using scented oils, potpourris or candles in scents such as chamomile, lavender, rose or vanilla.
  • Tai Chi- This form of exercise is performed through slow focused movements combined with breathing. It allows you to leave behind stressors and focus on the movement, which slows the heart rate creating a peaceful sensation.

  • Yoga is a fitness method that focuses on slow, gentle postures with a combination of breathing that relaxes both the mind and the body.

  • Massage- It never hurts to treat yourself to a professional massage but if this isn’t in your budget a loved one is certain to help melt the stress away from your neck and shoulders where stress can hide causing headaches and irritation.

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