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Often, women take care of their family and friends and ignore symptoms they are suffering themselves. However, this can be fatal as they can be the early signs of a serious illness. You should be looking after yourself as well as everybody else, and do not ignore it when things change and always act when you experience any of the following symptoms…


Lumps And Bumps


A new lump or swelling that appears on your body should never be ignored, particularly in the breast area. They can be the first sign of breast cancer. Like all cancers, they are not always malignant, but you need to get checked out to be certain.


The first thing that usually happens is that a mammogram is arranged. This is a painless x-ray of your breasts and will show any masses that should not be there. If one is shown, tests of it will be taken to find out exactly what type of cancer it is and how best to treat it. Like many cancers, if it is found early enough it can be dealt with successfully.


Pains Or Discomfort In The Chest


The biggest killer of women in the US is heart disease, but for some reason, women always think it is one health issue will never happen to them. If you start to get pains or discomfort in your chest get it checked out as soon as possible.


Trapped wind in your chest can cause similar feelings, but you should not risk self-diagnosing and should see your physician as soon as you can.


Heart palpitations should not be ignored either as they can be the prelude to s stroke. If you carry excess pounds, smoke, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol you are at even more of a risk of this happening.


Shortness of breath can be another symptom of heart disease, but could also be because of several other serious conditions, such as emphysema, asthma, pneumonia, a blood clot or lung cancer.


A Mole Changing Appearance


A mole that changes its appearance, a sore that will not heal or a new growth on your skin can all be signs of melanoma, which is a deadly skin cancer. You should seek the advice of a dermatologist immediately if a mole gets bigger, changes its color or has uneven borders.


Constant Fatigue


Women are often tired, especially if they work and look after a family. However, if you feel constantly more tired than normal at it last a couple of weeks you should seek medical advice.


Fatigue can be a symptom of depression, sleep apnea, heart disease or lung cancer and it should not be ignored. Tiredness like this will not disappear with rest, and you will know it is not the normal tiredness you experience.


Rectal Bleeding


Rectal bleeding can be a sign of hemorrhoids, especially in pregnant women. This is the most common sign of them, but it can also be a symptom of colon or rectal cancer. Ignoring it can be a fatal mistake, so get to your physician as soon as you can.


Women need to put themselves first sometimes, although that goes against the nature of many of you. If you do not you could end up seriously ill, so be sure to take any health-related symptoms, especially those above, as seriously as they should be taken!

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