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Take Back The Self Confidence Depression Took

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Anyone who has ever experienced depression will know the impact that it can have on self-confidence. Depression is a dark cloud that hangs over everything about who you are and how you feel about yourself. One morning, you will wake up and hate seeing yourself in the mirror. You’ll notice all the imperfections, the little issues with your complexion, the problems with your body. You’ll hate the choices you made, you’ll wonder about whether people from your past were right when they judged you. The words of bullies and abusers will haunt your mind. You will start to feel as though you’re nothing, worthless, a waste.


The truth is we all have these dark days. Luckily, the rational part of you responds. At the back of your mind, you can hear the voice. It says: no you’re fine, you’re you and that’s enough. Or, it might even point out some of the most brilliant things about who you are. The problem with depression is that it puts the rational side of your mind on mute and you’re just left with that dark cloud. It’s good to know that you can find an effective treatment for depression. TMS Treatment Los Angeles provides exceptional patient care to ensure you can finally get over your depression.


This is an issue because problems with self-confidence will impact every area and aspect of your life. Research shows that people who have low self-confidence will struggle to succeed in their professional life. As well as this, they may struggle with personal relationships. Don’t forget, if you are miserable, you are not going to attract happy, confident, optimistic people. These types of individuals will be pulled away from you and gravitate towards others that are more on their wavelength.


So, today we need to think about what to do when your levels of self-confidence reach an all-time low.


What’s Causing Your Low Confidence?



When you look in the mirror, you will see a particular feature that is causing you to feel as though you’re ugly or pathetic. This might be a physical attribute. It could be a problem with your skin, an issue with the shape of your nose or it could even be your figure. The good news is that you can address these issues and rebuild your confidence.


For instance, you might struggle with confidence due to the scars on your face from when you were a teenager. If you have a particularly nasty case of acne, you will likely see the effects of it on your face well into your twenties, thirties, and forties. It’s unfortunate, and it’s avoidable. Companies like Black Line Studio can help here because they provide acne scar removal. By doing this, you can erase the marks on your face quickly, and this might have a positive impact on your levels of confidence.


Or perhaps it’s your teeth that make you feel unattractive. If you do have an issue with your teeth, it’s worth noting that this can be fixed. You can get braces well into adulthood that are completely invisible. They can straighten your teeth without other people realising there’s an issue at all. Or, you can get teeth whitening treatment. With teeth whitening treatment, you’ll be able to smile more confidently and in doing so attract more positive people to you.

If you’re struggling with your figure and this is the cause of your low confidence, it’s first worth noting that there is nothing wrong with the way you look. You should never change your body or your appearance for someone else. But it might be worth doing it for yourself if it makes you happier. And, there are always ways to do this. If you feel like you are overweight, speak to a nutritionist and they can help you get your diet in check. Start an exercise routine and start working out more often. Studies have proven that exercise can actually elevate the mood due to the endorphins released through your body.


Emotional Causes



Of course, it may not be a physical issue that is impacting your confidence at all. It could be all in your head. An example of this might be your career. Perhaps you don’t feel like you are being challenged or reaching your full potential in your job. If that’s the case, then you need to take action to change this. Apply for new positions or pursue a promotion. The key message here that it is going to be up to you to improve your levels of confidence by changing your life and making positive decisions that will alter how you feel about yourself.


It may be that a relationship is a true reason for your low levels of self-confidence. It’s common that if we are feeling as though we are not good enough, someone in our life is making us feel that way. People can do this through subtle actions and controlling behavior. If you think you are in this type of relationship, it may be time to let it go so you can focus on improving yourself.


No Simple Solution


It’s true that there is no easy answer to improving your levels of self-confidence. The changes we talked about will help, but they won’t lead to a full change. Even if you do address the issue that is causing your low confidence, it is likely that you will just latch onto another problem or something that you deem to be a problem with who you are. That is why people suffering from low confidence should always consider cognitive therapy.


It’s likely that the true cause of your low confidence is rooted in your past and the only way you’ll be able to find it will be with the help of a trained professional. They will take you on a journey into who you are and show you the roadblocks in the way of becoming a better you. They can help you break through those roadblocks and regain the confidence you have lost. We hope this helps you find your own path and allows you to feel happy with who you are as well as your place in this world.


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