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Yoga positions

When you work long hours on your empire, it is easy to let the care of your back health slip. Sitting at the computer or hunched over your mobile phone, completing projects and negotiating contacts for hours on end. 

While you’re in the moment, you might not notice it, but the backache will soon kick in. 

So how can you take care of your back? Significant back pain will need chiropractic care from a professional, but there are plenty of things you can do for yourself. 


It cannot be stressed enough how wonderful yoga is for your body. It stretches and warms all of your muscles and gives you a gorgeous glow. 

But yoga is also perfect for your back; yoga flows target your shoulders, neck, and back, helping you release tension and avoid a painful lower back. 

If you aren’t in the mood for a complete yoga flow, these yoga moves can help your back. 

  • Cobra pose
  • Cat-cow
  • Extended triangle
  • Bridge pose
  • Downward facing dog

So next time your back feels a little tense after a day of hustling, do one of these poses for a little while. 

If you’re new to yoga or are looking for more great tips, then check out this post: How To Fix Your Posture

Heat packs

While it is essential to fit in at least a 15-minute block of self-care per day, heat packs can be used anytime you need them. 

While the heat packs with adhesive are acceptable, a reusable heat pack is more beneficial and kinder to the environment.

You can choose to lay a warm lavender-scented heat pad along your spine for a few minutes or opt for the type that you strap around your body. 


Shakti mats aren’t new, but they are becoming more popular. The acupressure mats might look a little scary at first because they are filled with tiny spikes. 

But it is those tiny spikes that act like your own personal masseuse and do some deep work on your back. 

Acupressure mats increase blood circulation, which brings more oxygen, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory hormones to bones, muscles, and joints. 

It is pretty standard for people to fall asleep while using their mat, and there are no limits on how often you can use it. 

Lumbar Pillow

A lumbar pillow helps you sit in the correct position to keep your spine straight and supported. They’re portable, so you can use them at your desk, the dinner table, and even while driving. 

Lumbar pillows help reduce backache by gently correcting your posture and reducing the fatigue that we get in our spines. 


Walking allows us to stretch all of our muscles, and much like yoga, it is gentle too. If you find that walking is too uncomfortable which is often the case with back pain, then swimming is a great alternative. 

Backaches can be challenging to deal with, and they will leave you feeling less than your best self. So make sure that taking care of your spine is part of your self-care routine. 

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