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The Casual Causes Of A Headache And Prevention

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How can you not suspect the worst when you have a chronic headache? It’s common to think this is being caused by something much greater and could be life threatening. This is not the case for most people because they might be inadvertently doing somethings that is causing the headache. Don’t mistake some common pains that eventually lead to a throbbing head to be the sign of something that is challenging your mortality. Some of these things are caused down to your lifestyle and some general things you are doing that on the surface don’t seem harmful.[youtube]

Correct sleeping posture

There’s a tendency to think that the larger and fluffier your pillow is the better nights sleep you will get. However, although you may like the softness that the pillow offers, the posture of sleeping position is disturbed. If you head is too high above your neck and thorax, this can cause both neck pain which then filters into your head, and also a shortness of breath. A lack of proper oxygen flowing to your brain can also cause a headache. You might feel fine when you first lay down to sleep, but wake up with a headache for apparently no reason. Carefully consider your sleeping posture and make sure that your neck and head aren’t too far out of alignment. [youtube]

A dull bleeding pain

Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon for people to have bleeding gums. Even in this day and age with so much knowledge available to everyone, oral hygiene is a real issue. Gums begin to bleed when they are inflamed. They become swollen and the soft tissue becomes easy to tear. This can cause your teeth to become loose, and the nerves that connect to the tooth can therefore begin to shoot pain up through your jaw and head. Speak to a professional dentist that can educate you on how to properly tackle bleeding gums and tooth decay. They have several treatments that can help you prevent further damage to your mouth but also, help you to prevent a headache from occurring.

It’s isn’t just a lack of water

It goes without saying that if you don’t get a required amount of water everyday, you will feel dehydrated. When you feel dehydrated this can cause a headache and overheating. However it’s not just a lack of water, but a lack of fresh air that can have the same effects. Breathing in the same stuffy muggy air can prevent your muscles and brain from getting a new and refreshing supply of oxygen. Much like the oxygen we absorb through water, our body needs fresh air to keep our temperature at a safe level and our brain functioning to a high capacity. Open up some windows in your home from time to time just to cycle in some new air. If you work in an office, try to get a window or two open so there’s a free flow of air around the room.

Bleeding gums and loose teeth can cause a pain that filters out into your jaw and eventually causes a headache. Speak to a professional to treat this kind of oral health concern.

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