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Tips on Looking After Your Smartphone

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Our smartphones are almost like another limb. We feel almost lost without. It contains so much of our lives, all our contacts, photos, games, banking details, emails, and so much more. That if you lose, it feels like you’ll never get back a part of yourself. As it is such an important item, it makes sense to keep it safe. Changing parts can be a costly affair, and losing it is one of the worse feelings. So, it makes sense to come up with a few strategies to keep it safe. To help you out, we have compiled a list of a few things you can do to protect your phone:


Get the Right Phone

This may sound strange, but phones are all so different. You should think about what you need a phone for before you get one. If you want a phone that is good for gaming or taking videos and photos, or perhaps you want to talk on the phone for hours. Each phone has different specs, which make it ideal for a particular use. If you get a phone that is not set up for your particular use, it will begin to annoy you, and it is likely to break faster. So, think about what you need and start your research from that angle.

Get a Phone Case

 A phone case is a great thing. They look good and can protect your phone from all those mishaps. Even if you are not one for usually getting a phone case, it does make a lot of sense because everyone drops things, and spills things, etc. A phone case gives your phone that little extra safety. The good thing is that there are so many phone cases out there. So you can be sure to find something that suits your style. You don’t have to have a particularly bulky case, either. There are more slender ones that will fit in your pocket better. Some allow you to place credit cards and money too.  

A Screen Protector

Smartphone screens smash and crack all the time. They also suffer from scratches and scrapes, which can affect the touchscreen. However, if you had a screen protector, this is much less likely to happen. It offers you that little extra peace of mind which can be worth its weight in gold. You may be concerned that A screen protector will affect with quality of the touchscreen or get air bubbles in it, and if you are a gamer, the quality of the touchscreen is even more vital. So, just ensure that the screen is perfectly clean and dry before sticking the screen protector down. Use a screen cloth to help you stick it down effectively to avoid any air bubbles.

Be Aware of the Extreme Temperatures

Phones do not like high or low temperatures. So you need to be aware. In the sun, don’t leave your phone in direct sunlight. Always try and leave it in the shade. Don’t leave your phone next to a hot saucepan or close to the hobs. High heat can warp the plastic and damage the insides; this may be irreparable and will cost you more than just a new phone; it will cost you all your photos, too, if you haven’t baked them up. Cold temperatures can cause your battery to run low very quickly, and the battery life signal may be incorrect. Cold temperatures can even shut your phone down. So, be aware and keep your phone safe.

Avoid Moisture

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that water is not good for anything electronic. So, you may wonder why so many people have their phones in the bathroom when they are having a shower or in the kitchen when they are boiling water. Steam and water can seep into the phone through any possible avenue. So, be wise and keep your phone out of harm’s way, as putting your phone into a bowl of dry rice is not going to solve the situation if the innards are damaged.

Clean Your Phone

If you want your phone to survive for the long term, then you need to clean it. Regular cleaning is essential maintenance for pretty much everything, including your phone, so don’t neglect it. A simple tip is to simply blow any dust and debris out of the inlets, the power slot, and the headphone holes. Take your phone out of its case and with a soft cleaning cloth, preferably the phone’s actual cleaning cloth or a cloth for your sunglasses or similar, with some sort of appropriate cleaning liquid wipe over the whole exterior. That way, you can remove any particles from the screen and prevent any build-up. If you want to make sure there is no moisture, you can immerse the phone in rice, as this will have the effect of soaking up tiny molecules of water.  You should also clean your phone’s storage, so believe apps you do not use and find out duplicates in apple music, for example. Being tidy with your files can save you a lot of hassle. 

GPS Tracker

People lose their phones all the time, and when this happens, it can be awful. You have a few moments, or rather minutes, or even hours of panic where you cant find it; you search everywhere. You can’t find it; you wrack your brain trying to remember where you last saw it. Then you come to the realization it’s gone. You trace your steps; you ask about nothing. Then you have to go through a sort of grieving process for it. So to avoid all that, if you install a GPS tracker onto your phone and have a friend or family member save your details on their phone, if you do happen to lose it, you will be able to find it. 

Be Careful With What You Download

There are so many viruses out there you need to be careful. Sometimes a download can contain a piece of malware designed to corrupt your device, or if you open the wrong email, you may have to pay a ransom to have your phone unblocked. There is a lot of cybercrime, so be wary and never open anything that is not trusted.  

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