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Tips to Help You Enjoy a Quiet Night in With a Movie

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Every now and then, people like to just relax and get up to something of their own at home. Maybe you don’t feel like going out with your friends tonight or maybe your best friends aren’t available for a while due to other commitments. In situations like this, it’s good to get up to something such as indulging in a hobby, playing some video games or even watching a film. However, for many people, watching a film is a social activity and it requires friends around you so that you can fully enjoy it.

But we don’t agree.

In fact, we think that watching a film can be one of the most relaxing and comfortable ways to spend your evening. So in this article, we’re going to give you a couple of tips on how you can enjoy a quiet night in with a movie.

Do something else while you watch a movie

Whether it’s going over work notes, answering emails or even knitting, there are plenty of little things you can do while you watch a movie especially if you’re not heavily invested in what you’re watching. There are plenty of people that even work at home while they watch, so there’s nothing wrong with distracting yourself from the film especially if it feels strange for you to sit and watch a film on your own. It might sound difficult to get some work done while you watch a film, but it’s possible as long as it doesn’t involve too much thought.

Keeping yourself busy is a great way to also be more productive. Watching a movie can serve as a great distraction for mundane tasks such as cleaning the dishes or tidying up the house, and you could even watch a film as you work out if you find it more tolerable. There are plenty of people in the world that watch a film while they exercise on a bike or run on a treadmill. If you need some inspiration, take a look at this article on for a couple of ideas on crafts you can do while watching TV.

It doesn’t have to be a film

People often think that they absolutely have to watch a film when it’s a “movie night”, but the reality is that you can watch whatever you want and for however long you want. Found a new show last night that’s been on your mind? Go ahead and marathon half the season! Want to learn something while you watch? Consider a documentary. Heard of a new YouTuber and want to check them out? There’s nothing wrong with looking at all of their videos. Take a look at this excellent thread on for YouTube channel suggestions that are absolutely binge-worthy!

Watching stuff is, after all, supposed to be entertaining. Some people have fun criticizing films while others enjoy watching them just for laughs. Some people like to learn something when they watch a film or a TV series, and others like the suspense and drama that they experience. An important thing to remember is to never fall for what critics say. There’s an excellent article on that will explain exactly why you should never listen to critics when it comes to picking a film, show or even YouTube videos to watch.

Make your cinema experience comfortable

In order to truly enjoy your viewing experience and have a luxurious time relaxing, you need to improve your surroundings. This will include a number of different things, such as getting your a bean bag from and relaxing in it instead of your typical sofa, dimming the lights from your phone with smart bulbs or even buying yourself a large soundbar to use instead of the tinny built-in speakers that your TV probably uses. This will require a bit of investment, but if you find yourself enjoying your quiet nights in then it’s well worth it.

You’re also going to want to relax before you watch a film. Some people like to take a bath or deal with their obligations before they sit down and watch a film, while others enjoy watching a film at the end of the day when there’s no chance of their phone ringing or anyone knocking at the door. The goal is to cut out any potential distractions that you might encounter so that your viewing experience isn’t ruined by anything or anyone! A great way to enjoy a film would be to keep the temperature nice and warm, take a relaxing bath or shower to de-stress, wrap up in a blanket with a hot drink and put on the film of your choice.

Prepare yourself some snacks to enjoy

If you’re enjoying your movie at home alone then there’s nothing that prevents you from watching your film while you prepare your dinner. Treat yourself to a homemade meal instead of ordering go-to movie foods such as pizza. Cut out the snacks like packaged popcorn and make yourself some fresh popcorn with good quality kernels. Add your own flavours and seasonings, and consider cooking yourself a full meal instead of taking shortcuts.

While there’s nothing wrong with takeout food, it can be rather unhealthy. The better option would be to make yourself something at home, even if it’s just a replica of what you would normally order. Finger foods are great for movies, so check out articles like this one at to help you pick out some excellent snacks to cook up for your solo movie night.

Hopefully, this article has taught you some valuable tips on how you can enjoy yourself for quiet movie night by yourself. These tips will work great for one or two extra guests, but any more and you’ll need to change your priorities such as ordering food instead of cooking for a large group. If you do decide to invite people, then make sure you’re like-minded so that there are no arguments over what to watch!

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