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Ways You Can Give Back to the World

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The Beatles sang that all you need is love. This is true. The world is a scary place that is extremely unpredictable, and sometimes it can cause a person to want to retreat and not have to deal with anything. We have the power to help change lives and make people feel healthy, feel well, and feel important. Here are a few ways you can give back to the world every day through work or through simply giving someone a helping hand. 

Donate Clothing and Items to a Veterans Organization

The veterans of our country served selflessly to keep us safe. When their tours of duty and time spent in the military are over, they return to their civilian life. Sometimes, integrating back into society is not easy, especially if a veteran has sustained some form of trauma. The best thing you can do is donate clothing or household items to a veterans organization where they can get the things they need to set up an apartment, have clothing to go to job interviews, and food to put in their cupboards so they can stay healthy and fed. Many of our items we don’t need, so it’s a small gesture that will make a huge difference. 

Choose a Career That Heals

Chronic pain is common for many adults. Injuries that did not heal properly or surgeries that have sidelined a person are common reasons to be in pain. Becoming a physical therapist is one way to help people with their pain. Physical therapists know the exact physiology of the human body and can help alleviate pain and make people mobile and well again. Physical therapy has given many patients back their lives, and if you are a PT, you can be part of that group of people that takes the pain away. 

Check-In With the Elderly

Whether it’s a neighbor or a relative, check-in with the elderly people in your life. Many elderly people are alone as their children have moved away or their family is gone. A simple phone call, a short visit, or cooking a nice meal is enough to make someone who is advanced in years feel loved, feel seen, and feel heard. A lot of times, people just want someone around, so if all you do is watch a TV show or a movie, that is just as good as anything else. 

Elderly couples taking selfie with smartphone
Elderly couples taking selfie with smartphone

Join an Environmental Clean Up

We only have one planet and we need to treat it well. Humans leave behind a lot of garbage and places like beaches, forests, parks, and hiking trails can get cluttered with litter. Go online and find a volunteer clean-up group. It is a great way to spend the afternoon outdoors, and cleaning up means you are doing your part to be kind to the planet. You will find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals who may also give you other great ideas on how to live your life in a way that will help sustain our Earth. 

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