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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Slate Tiles

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House New Roof Tiles

When building or remodeling their house, many people come to an issue about what kind of roof they want installed. There are different varieties of materials to choose, many of which can be overwhelming. Choosing the right type can be challenging, but not impossible. What is the best investment, the best quality, and durability are some of the many questions asked. Well, you are going to get these benefits when installing slate tiles.

There are many pros and cons to this kind of material, and it is always up to the customer to choose the best option for them. To conclude something, you should do your math before investing in anything. Ask a friend or a professional why it was good for them or worth the money. There are a lot of pros and cons for it, and expect a variety of different answers.

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If you take care of anything, it will last more time. If you properly maintain your slate tiles, they can last for at least a decade, and in some cases, even a century. The good thing about this kind of material is that they are not absorbing too much water, the material is naturally strong, and because of this reason, it is less open to frost damage, leaking, etc. Some of the other materials are more vulnerable to these kinds of issues.

As time goes by, depending on where you live, there can be extreme weather situations; therefore, your tiles can get a bit of a tired and messy look. In this scenario, all you have to do is remove the tiles, clean them, and in no time, they are ready to be laid on the roof again, brand new. Another reason which can be of benefit to you is that they are fire-resistant. Slate material is naturally resistant to fire, and it can withstand high temperatures more than any other material.

A good thing to do to be safer is to consider investing in slate floors and tiles. This way, in the scenario of a fire, your house will be less damaged than it could be with other materials less resistant to fire.

Amongst other things, your house needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Imagine coming to your home or having guests, and when they look up your house, see a mess. Your house must have an elegant flavor. This material can come in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, etc. In the short term, it can be versatile.

Especially this decade, environmental pollution has become a significant issue to Earth. Everyone should take part in protecting our home, and the journey starts with taking a small leap. What slate tiles offer is that they are not polluting the environment because they last longer. As mentioned above, they come from natural materials, and therefore cannot damage the environment you live in.

If you want to use your roofing waste, you can use it for things such as flooring. If you get enough, you can make a whole floor from the same material.

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As many things can be beneficial, there are some cons which are there for balance in almost every case. Nothing can be perfect, and many things can have flaws. Everything has to be perfectly balanced, as all things should be. There are some drawbacks in cases of this kind of roof installment. Because they are extremely heavy, it is possible that you cannot install them on your own. 

On average, when buying this material, it is known that they weigh on average from three hundred and sixty to seven hundred kilograms per square (close to nine-point-three meters) of roofing material. For comparison, something less heavy, let’s say asphalt shingles, weighs on average ninety kilograms per square. In conclusion, what this means is that you may need some extra reinforcement to collect them and put them on your roof.

From the financial aspect, it is known that they are more expensive than other materials. Maybe they are the most expensive of all of them. So, if you cannot afford them, you may consider less expensive materials like terracotta roofing. If you want to use them for the long run, then the life span is much longer than any other, but if you plan to move out, this option is not the best for you.

Other things that can be bad for your roof are that when you hire someone or go by yourself on the roof to clean them, they are easily damaged because it is a thin layer. So, in this case, you need to be extremely careful about where you step. That is why it is the best solution to hire specialized installers who know what they are doing.


All in all, when you compare both the pros and cons, it may be concluded that a slate roof is worth it. It always depends on what the customer wants and their financial situation. Rest assured, the investment will benefit you and keep your house safe and give it a fancy and elegant look.

The only thing which people are not sure of is which company to call. The competition is getting bigger for sure. Be sure always to check the reviews, as there are services such as Bearded Brothers Slate Tile roof replacement service, which is widely known to have positive reviews amongst their customers. This concludes that many people are pleased with the results and the effect from professionals.

All of them are masters in this branch and knows the issues very well. The only thing that can be an issue is that professional installers require more money while giving more attention and fixing the problem for sure.

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