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What is RSI? RSI stands for repetitive strain injury. It will cause you to develop chronic or constant pain in your upper limbs. Typically RSI is caused from working at a computer without breaks, often in the wrong position. Poor posture will increase your chances of developing this condition.


Currently, RSI is the most common cause of injury in the workplace today. That means that it’s an issue that is affecting a lot of people. If you get injured at work, it’s common and understandable to think about seeking legal damages, particularly if it has impacted your life and even your earnings.. But can you claim with RSI? To understand whether this is possible, we need to look at how you claim with a work-related injury.



Explaining An Injury At Work


If you are injured at work, it’s important that you report it and that the injury is logged. You should seek medical attention, make a personal record and then meet with your lawyer. Or, before even speaking to a lawyer, you might want to give your employer a chance to take the right step. They could surprise you, providing you with the proper level of compensation that you deserve. Be careful though because they might shift the blame to you which is a problem.


Is RSI Different?


Understanding whether RSI is different requires knowing how a typical injury at work is treated. A common work injury would be a trip or fall. If this trip or fall was caused due to clumsiness, don’t expect to be able to claim. Alternatively, you might have slipped on a wet floor or a loose wire on the office property. If that’s the case, then you can claim due to premises liability. You can learn from Dolman Law Group the type of protection that you can get here and what it means.


RSI might be a little different because arguably repetitive injury could be due to your actions. In other words, if it’s up to you to take breaks and decide how much you work, you probably can’t blame your employer for this injury.


On the other hand, if they have stopped you from breaking and provided you with poor seating, you could have a claim here. You will also be able to claim if you have brought up the issue with your employer and asked to be provided with something like a standing desk. A standing desk could greatly reduce the chance of RSI.


Working Out The Office?


A lot of businesses hire freelancers these days who work from home. As they can work anywhere, they are quite likely to develop issues with RSI. If you’re working from home and injured due to RSI, you won’t be able to claim. Unless of course, your employers are pushing you to complete work within a certain time limit. As a freelancer, you should have about twenty-four hours to complete a project. By allowing for this, they are no longer responsible for any injury you might develop due to not taking breaks or typing for too long.

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