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Why Australia Deserves To Pop Your Camping Cherry

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If you’ve never done it before, camping might not appeal. Why would you bother with tent poles and the elements when you could be in a luxury hotel room? You’re all about room service and minibars, not peeing in bushes and competing with a campfire. The trouble is that all those crazy campers keep going on about how you should do it at least once, and your FOMO won’t let you leave well alone.

It’s cool; we’ve got you covered. You don’t need to suffer on your first (and perhaps only) camping experience. You just need to head to Australia. Admittedly, you will want to stock up on some bug spray, and you might even want to get your pocket wifi for Australia before you go so you aren’t totally alone in the wilderness. But, these basic prep points aside, Australia is your best bet for your first camp for a few different reasons, and we’re going to consider them here.

Weather you can rely on

With many other destinations, the risk of rain and cold nights could ruin camping altogether. But, there’s no such worry in Australia. If you pick locations in North-Western Australia, you can pretty much make sure you visit when there’s no risk of rain. Heck, it might even be so hot that you don’t need to bother with a fire! That’s especially true if you take along a campervan with a built-in stove! As simple as that, your camping trip will be more about sunning it up in some than it will about getting muck under your nails.

The best sunsets in the world

Australia also enjoys some of the best sunsets (and sunrises), especially on the east coast. While you could always enjoy those sights from your hotel room, they’re just that bit better up close. Imagine unzipping your tent and seeing a totally orange sky with no light pollution in sight? With your wifi to hand, you could even live stream the whole thing on Instagram for your mates to see. That’s not something you can say for any hotel stay.

What about isolation?

Sometimes when you camp, it can be tricky to find isolation. Even when you’re trying to get at one with nature, you might have a tent next to you or a road less than a mile away. No such risk in Australia. With 3.1 people per square kilometer, there are remote places in Australia where you won’t have to worry about seeing a soul. Even driving between cities typically takes around 5-6 hours. If you hit the outback, you also won’t need to think about bumping into someone after a rough night in your tent. Instead, you’ll be able to get lost in the wild without risk of anyone catching you in the act.

Admittedly,  camping isn’t for everyone. You could try it out and still find that you prefer your hotel comfort. But, if there’s anywhere you’re likely to enjoy the experience, it’s got to be Australia.

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