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Working on Your Entrepreneurial Image: 3 Methods To Power and Pragmatism

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Working to improve your business efforts is an ongoing practice that should never finish. The toughest thing any entrepreneur has to work on is what’s on the inside. The image they project as an entrepreneur is going to have a major impact on the dealings they do and the people they lead. The image we project is something that should not be about fakery, but we can be so concerned about the image we project and how we are perceived publicly that we’ve got to work on our entrepreneurial image in a healthier way. How can we do this?

The External Things We Can Change

The importance of dressing appropriately can be a major headache. There are many entrepreneurs that try to avoid decision fatigue by wearing the same things all the time. For many female entrepreneurs, it’s about showing off the style as well as the substance. There are little things you can incorporate, just to give off that extra notion of confidence, especially if you feel self-conscious about certain parts of your appearance. Something like your teeth can easily be a little problem that chips away the back of your mind. But with the variety of invisible braces on offer, it’s easier than ever to get rid of these little issues at the back of our minds. Additionally, something like choosing the right clothes could be a major headache. The best thing you can do is pick 10 power outfits and alternate; that way, you’ve got one outfit for every day of the working week for over a fortnight.

A Broad Perspective

Entrepreneurs can fall foul of being too insular in their approach to things. Thinking about the business as an enclosed entity is not helpful. It is vital to better yourself by staying informed about everything that’s going on. This is what will keep your edge and this can easily feed into the business. Expose yourself to new opportunities, ideas, and mindsets, but don’t just keep them to yourself- start to share them. This will mean you will start to come to the right people that will support you and you will support them. This makes for a far better authentic image, rather than the old adage of “faking it until you make it.” After all, faking it till you make it is what your image is meant to put across.

Developing a Self-Worth Mindset

The most important thing we need to do is understand that we should add value. Leadership is not about barking orders, but about embracing a positive mindset so you are able to adapt as things change. After all, you need people to come along with you and support your leadership. Appreciating your value is the most important thing, but it needs to be done in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you are superior to others. A leader is someone who works with everybody else; nobody’s better or worse, and the quicker we learn this, the better we will develop an entrepreneurial image that communicates power but also pragmatism.

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